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4 Tips For Pulling Off Body Chains

This past summer it seemed like everybody who’s hot in Hollywood was wearing body chains. Celebs like Kate Hudson, Rhianna and Vannessa Hudgens all stepped out showing off the trend, but outside of the spotlight, is this trend a little too much? If you’re worried about pulling off a super sexy body chain, here are… More »

How To Survive High School in 10 Steps

Someone recently told me via instagram that they’re having a hard time getting through high school and asked me to post some tips to get through the tough days. Looking back, I think I had…

The Ultimate Boho Guide On A Budget

I would like to say that I’am an expert on boho. I praticaly live in everything associated with this style of fashion. The only downside…

Hercules DIY: How To Go From Mere Mortal To Greek Goddess (VIDEO)

Our gal Kendall from Celebuzz is chiming in to help us channel our inner Greek Goddess! 

I always like to use the excuse of the New Year to reinvent myself—whether it’s through an exercise regiment, a…

How To: Dress Like Penny Lane

Alright fellow BUZZNET Pals, we all know that Penny Lane is pretty much me in another life. Lately I’ve been seeing her name thrown out…

How To: Dress Like A Rock Star 101

Hi, pals! I haven’t done a fashion post in so long and a lot of you guys were asking for one on my Tumblr! We all love a bad boy rocker

What To Wear To Concerts: Fall Edition

It’s time to hang up your high waisted shorts/bandeau’s and break out the jeans,sweaters and leather jackets ladies! Fall concert season is here! I’ve put together a list of outfits for you…

5 Outfits To Release Your Inner ‘Gangnam Style!’

There’s NO denying how catchy (and just how refreshing) this song makes you feel. We’re not talking about just some regular pop music, it’s some psychedelic stuff here. Unless you’ve been living under the rock the past couple of months , you and your friends already know the addictive melody and yes, the constant pelvic… More »

Tastiest Gluten-Free Desserts

For a substance largely unheard of until recent years, gluten seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. Gluten-free blogs and recipes have a prominent presence online–and why wouldn’t they? Gluten-free diets have been touted as a cure for everything from rashes to obesity and migraines. So what about desserts; can they be gluten-free? Afterall,… More »

Buzz Guide: How To Dress Monochromatically

Do you ever look at gorgeous ensembles made entirely of one color shade, and think to yourself: “my, that’s lovely, but I could never pull it off”? Well, STOP THAT. First of all, you can pull of anything you want all the time (there are SOME exceptions here due to legality and common sense). It’s… More »

Halloween! DIY Dexter Victim Costume! :)

This year I decided to dress up as a victim of DEXTER! To those of you who watch the show you will greatly appreciate it! if not, sorry your going to think I’m crazy, or that I look like a tampon. I had to dress up at work this year and I hate thinking of… More »

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