BUZZNET Obsession: Lola Blanc’s Valentines Day Favorites At Blackheart

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so what better time to try on some sexy (and comfortable) items from Blackheart Lingerie? I had the most fabulous time picking out my favorite things at their shop…

BUZZNET Obsession: Dani Vitale Valentines Day Favorites At Blackheart

February makes me think of reds, pinks, hearts and sexy little outfits! I got to take stop at Blackheart and look at what they had in store for this month’s “love” trends…

Music On, World Off: “Say This Sooner” by The Almost

Music On, World Off is basically me telling you guys about a certain song I’m infatuated with while attempting to attach some moral story behind it. Enjoy! 🙂

My Hot Topic Halloween Costume DIY

Halloween is only a few days away now and I cant wait. I am also excited that I got the opportunity to do a fun Halloween shoot for Hot Topic! I am in love with all of their clothes and accessories! I put together some of my favorite pieces to create unique costumes! I can’t… More »

BUZZNET Obsession: Dani Vitale Shares Favorite Hot Topic Products (VIDEO)

The first of the many BUZZNET OBSESSIONS! It was so cool of Hot Topic to be apart of our first of many episodes! I get to show you what I am currently…

BUZZNET Obsession: Lola Blanc Shares Favorite Hot Topic Products (VIDEO)

Hey guys! I went over to the Buzznet video studios this week to show y’all a few things that I’m obsessed with right now, with a little help from our friends at Hot Topic!

Hot Topic Shoe Giveaway: Comment To Win

As you all know, I am OBSESSED with shoes! I totally love every single Hot Topic pair on their website and am giving you a chance to win a pair! Here’s how to enter: – Go through the gallery to find YOUR favorite! – COMMENT on the SHOE you want to win 🙂 That’s it!… More »

Conformity Vs. Being Unique

Self expression is something I care deeply about. I think everyone deserves to express him/herself openly, and should not be judged for doing so.

With that being said, I’m going to say why I strongly dislike…

My Top 7 Favorite Crop Top Stores

Crop tops are definitely “in” this summer, and after looking around, here are my favorite ones!

1. Charlotte Russe (

Tie-Front Girl Graphic Top ($19.99) (

Cold-Shoulder Peacock Top ($19.99) (

2. Hot…

Somber Sylva

I may look a little down, but it’s trickery! Today I am sporting my thrift find DKNY black and plum top with Hot Topic Skull Rocker zip up and jeans. Yeah. That’s how I feel like rollin’ today.

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