Get Outta Town: London

I feel like I’ve had “the travel bug” since I was in high school and it’s only become more intense as I’ve gotten older. I have a strong belief that traveling is an essential part…

The World’s Craziest Hotels

Anybody else have those days where they just want to get away and spend a weekend relaxing in a hotel by yourself? I know I definitely have those days! But sometimes, I’m unable to actually go, so instead I decided to search up some crazy, theme hotels and make a gallery out of it! I… More »

Flashback Friday: 5 Hotels We Wish We Could Check Into!

Who doesn’t love to stay in a hotel? With a space of your own, a bed you don’t have to make and endless room service, staying in a hotel can be such…

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine.

OMG!  This is the Yellow Submarine FLOATING hotel in Liverpool, England.  After looking through Hanna Beth’s Wacky Hotels gallery, I was DYING to check into this!

It is estimated about €149-€350 ($182-$425)…

Wacky Hotels

There are so many places I want to travel to around the world. When looking around for my next destination, I came across all these really interesting and wacky hotels! Each of them are so unqiue and cool. I definitely want to stay in the Yellow Submarine Hotel if I get a chance. Take a… More »

Hotel Suspects Lady Gaga of Bathing in Blood for ‘Satanic Rituals’

Elizabeth Bathory, otherwise known as The Blood Countess, was convincted of murdering scores of young women and bathing in their blood in hopes that it would give her eternal youth.  She was sentenced to be…

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