These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

From creepy-cute couture and ouija stilettos to spooky dolls and toys to amazing makeup and nail art – these are a few of my favorite things this #HorrorWeek! Have an amazing weekend, babies! <3 k More For You: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things Everyday Princesses

World’s Creepiest (Amazing) Places!

What is a better way to end this Halloween #HorrorWeek than with some of the world’s creepiest places! Scan through the spooky gallery of abandoned amusement parks, haunted houses, underwater cities, and super creepy famous landmarks – and get into the #HorrorWeek spirit, babies! Integrity/Love/Unity + creepy stuff k More For You: Real-Life Fairytale Castles… More »

Crazy Creative Pumpkin Carvings

As I was surfing the web for all of these Halloween #HorrorWeek goodies, I came across one of the coolest things I have ever seen – Kenova’s Great Pumpkin House! The owner, Ric Griffith, along with many of the town’s residents and volunteers, carve literally thousands of pumpkins together to display all over the outside… More »

DIY Tuesday – Simple and Brilliant Halloween Costume Ideas!

I hope you babies are having a Happy #HorrorWeek! As you know, Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday – and it never seems to last just one night! The whole week is usually packed with different parties and fun get togethers. Different parties means different costumes! Take a look at these super brilliant and… More »

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