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Hotel Suspects Lady Gaga of Bathing in Blood for ‘Satanic Rituals’

Elizabeth Bathory, otherwise known as The Blood Countess, was convincted of murdering scores of young women and bathing in their blood in hopes that it would give her eternal youth.  She was sentenced to be…

films for this October 31

These are some horror movie recommendations to see this October 31

Horror Remakes: Then and Now

Seemingly every time I go to the movies there plays a trailer that makes me scratch my head wondering, “Doesn’t this movie already exist?” Despite the thousands of hopefuls moving to Hollywood to pen the next great screenplay, the showbiz execs prefer to say, “nahh, I think we’ll just re-make that movie from the late… More »

Halloween Inspirations Part.2

I love Halloween, I love anything that has to do with horror movies, pumpkins, skeletons, vampires, ghosts and all that stuff, it’s definitely one of my favorite holidays, and I’m so excited to make the day!

Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots Talk Horror Movies and Confess How They’d Deal With a Vampire Outbreak

It’s without a doubt that Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots, the two stars of Fright Night, got the scarier end of the stick when filming the movie – at least…

Christopher Mintz-Plasse Reveals Fear of Spiders and a Hip Hop Album With Tom Felton

We first got to know him as the infamous Fogell (aka McLovin’) in the 2007 comedy Superbad. But in the upcoming remake of the 1985 horror flick Fright Night, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Colin Farrell and Craig Gillespie of ‘Fright Night’ Talk to Buzznet About Scary Movies and Vampire Showdowns

If you’ve never seen the original 1985 horror flick Fright Night, all you need to know is that the new remake of it (which comes out this Friday, August 19th) involves vampires…

Movie of the day: SCREAM 4

Yesterday I have been at the cinema with my two classmates Leo and Daniele and we decided to watch SCREAM 4. I was really curious to watch it, because…

The Care and Feeding of the Dream Spiders: A Cautionary Tale

I wanted to write a piece of fiction for Halloween, and was struck with inspiration while discussing urban myths about spiders.  So, here you are!  Arachnophobes beware!

Vintage Spider Illustration ©2009…

Zombies to Invade AMC on Halloween

Wondering if going to zombie school payed off for all of those folks?

Well, wonder no more.  Because AMC has released the official teaser trailer for The Walking Dead, a series based on the graphic…

Time To Go To Zombie School!

AMC’s working on a series based on the comic The Walking Dead, about a group of people trying to survive in a world overrun by zombies. And with a concept THAT over done, you need to do something to make it stand out. So, in order to make the zombies as believable as possible, AMC… More »

By the Pricking of My Thumbs…

So you’ve watched every Halloween movie out there, have been playing “Thriller” on repeat since the end of September, already have every detail of your costume in place, but you’re still not in the Halloween…

I’m laughing because I’m terrified

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