hong kong

Skyscraper Day!

Happy Skyscraper Day, babies! Seeing how far Demi has come after releasing Skyscraper makes my heart sing with joy. It’s been a blessing being a part of her journey and an honor hearing these words sung by someone with so much integrity and strength. <3 So, since today is Skyscraper Day ( no, really, it… More »

Lady Wax

Finally on December 9 at the famous Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum revealed eight new wax figures of Lady Gaga in different cities all over the world. So gorgeous! I love…

the good news is that we got a letter from leah. the bad new is that her present didn’t come in the mail yet.

i want to go to hong kong. i wonder what it’s like over there. but i don’t know, i think i’d rather go to tokyo. i mean, seriously. that place is awesome, too. i could…

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