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Phantom Planet ‘Raise the Dead’ with new stream

Phantom Planet have the title track from their upcoming album, Raise the Dead, streaming on!

You might want to familiarize yourself with this…

Panic’s Pretty. Odd. is pretty freakin’ fabulous: Buzznet album review


If I start every one of my reviews off by declaring my undying love for said CD, you might start to question my taste. But you know what? I’ll…

Panic fans react to new album with glee – and GTFO …

Blessed be our Pretty. Odd. seeking ears! Most of you–aside from the incredibly patient portion of you Panic fans who say you’re WAITING for the…

Panic at the Disco take you behind ‘Nine in the Afternoon’

You’ve watched Panic at the Disco‘s video for ‘Nine in the Afternoon’ just under a zillion times by now, but they posted a  behind the…

The Hush Sound preview Goodbye Blues

The Hush Sound‘s”Goodbye Blues” drops on March 18th (SO CLOSE!), but you can preview each track on Amazon right now.

This makes me <span style="font-style:…

Panic at the Disco talk Pretty. Odd.

With the release date rapidly approaching, Panic‘s sophomore album is getting a TON of buzz. And they’re all in sharing-and-caring mode, so we get fed bits of info as the days go by.…

Buzznet Panic at the Disco Interview Part 1

Buzznet Caught Up with Panic At the Disco at the Press Conference for the Honda Civic Tour

PATD audience Q&A pt. I

The exclamation point is missing… and Brendon wants a tan?

PATD audience Q&A pt. II

Brendon: single, lonely, and unlovable? (JAY KAY. DOWN GIRLS!)

Panic at the Disco unveil their car

LOL @ Mark Hoppus’ commentary

Panic at the Disco talk rumors

Buzznet Interviews Brendon & Ryan @ the Honda Civic Tour event– they talk about their first memories of eachother, songs they’d wish they’d written, and the best rumor about them. 🙂

Panic at the Disco interview w/ Buzznet!

1/10/08 @ Honda Civic Tour event. Such characters. Ha.

Panic at the Disco headlining Honda Civic Tour


Start your engines as Panic At The Disco leaves Sin City for center stage as headliner for the 8th annual Honda Civic Tour. Panic At…

Pete Wentz Strips

pete strips down to his blue boxer briefs during the last show of the Honda Civic Tour in Anaheim. All the guys ran out on stage in their undies during +44.

Travis Barker Rulez the Drums!!

Gabe gives us a private show — Part 2

gabe saporta psyches himself up just before hitting the stage for the last honda civic tour show in anaheim. cutie!!!

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