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Long Weekend House Inspiration:

With the upcoming long weekend, I am excited to tackle some house projects! I cannot believe I have lived in our house for a year and that there is still SO much to do. It’s crazy. First, I want to paint my office wall with chalkboard paint. I’ve been searching and searching for wallpaper for… More »

Etsy Star of the Week: Nashpop!

The Bubblegoth headquarters is constantly being decked out in rad stuff that is either homemade, or I find around thrift shops, flea markets, or stores like Nashpop on Etsy. Their collection is everything Bubblegothtastic with loads of bright colors and neons! Ive been super into unique faux taxidermy pieces and decor and Nashpops unique twist… More »

Shop Spotlight: Earth Bound Trading Company

This weekend, when I was on vacation, I came across the store, Earthbound Trading Company, and had a total shopping spree! This store has so much to offer, such as accessories, clothes, home decor, aromas, crystals,dreamcatchers and much more! What really compelled me to go into the store was how everything was so unique and… More »

I’m Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas

I know it’s not even December yet, but Thanksgiving is over so I’m safe: All I want for Christmas is for this years holiday to be bathed, saturated and dripping with pink. Mine will be, as I’ve painted my tree the color of cotton candy and tomorrow it’s officially going up, pink ornaments and all!… More »

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