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Mimi K’s All Star Month Blog – MY Favorite Tv Show

Buzznet always has the best ideas for contests, assignments and stuff, this is why I love this place so much.

I think this is such an amazing project…

Spring According To….

So, this little gallery was born from my mind a few of hours ago, while I started to drawing a new portrait, this time about Sharon den Adel, Within Temptation’s singer (also included in this gallery). Since it’s Spring right now, I thought to put all my fav female inspirations together in a gallery with… More »

Charmed Again [FF] – 1X01 “Charmed Ones Again” CHAPTER TWO

I know it’s passed a lot of time after the first chapter, I would to apologize with everyone, but as you know, uni rends me really busy and I have a lot of free time…

Charmed Again [FF] – 1X01 “Charmed Ones Again” CHAPTER ONE

A lot of years ago I wrote a fan fiction, a spin off about CHARMED, my fav tv show ever, now I want to can share with all of you, in the hope you like…

Happy B-Day Holly!

Today is the b-day of one of my fav actresses ever!

37 years ago was born Holly Marie Combs from Lauralei Berckhem, only 14 years old more than her.

I love Holly since 1998, when she started…

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