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Macy’s Unveils New Balloons For Thanksgiving Parade (VIDEO)

It’s officially the holiday season! There’s nothing more festive than the Macy‘s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The parade organizers recently unveiled the three new balloons that will be debuting this week!…

How To Celebrate The Holidays When Far From Home

The holiday season is upon us and for many it’s the happiest time of year filled with food, fun and family. For some who can’t be with their families on the big day because of school, work, lack of cash to make their way home or traveling abroad, it can also seem like the worst… More »

Celebs With Their Families

Ahhh, the holiday season… the time of year which is usually spent with loved ones who are near and dear: family! There’s nothing like sitting down to holiday dinner and just spending some quality time with the fam. What do the celebrities do for the holidays? While some are jet-setting to warmer climate like Hawaii… More »

Pumpkin Pie Recipe (Vegan)

Who’s ready for the holidays! I know I am! Here is the perfect recipe for pumpkin pie! It’s super delicious and it’s vegan

The pie filling in this recipe needs…

Happy Mother’s Day

In occasion of Mother’s Day I thought to create a gallery with some photos with my mom and me throughout the years. You can see a very little me and also some pics of the past 5/6 years in different occasion from birthdays to holidays 😉 Thanks so much mum for being such an important… More »

17 Green With Envy Tops For St. Patrick’s Day

Sometimes, wearing green can be a bit daunting because depending on your skin undertones, green may actually look a bit off-putting. But, we’re here to tell you that the color green is cool, and here are reasons why: the color of money is green, the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake has the shade of Kermit’s skin color,… More »

Valentines Day

So exicted for Valentines Day its going to be amazing i need to start looking for a red dress!

How I Spent the Holidays: Buzznet Storytellers #5

Welcome to TL;DR time with Rich.

I am not really into the holidays. It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine that I don’t. I mean, I get it,…

Saying GoodBye To The Holidays

just developed my deposable camera ive been using the past few weeks.. lots of holiday madness, glitter & lights.. hope everyone had an amazing christmas!! xoxo

Top Christmas Songs Released in 2011

There’s nothing like a great Christmas song to get you in the holiday spirit. I know I’ve been playing them since the beginning of December! But radio stations and department store stereo systems alike don’t…

10 Holiday Movies to Take Away the Bah Humbug

Merry Christmas everyone! Today after all the presents have been opened, the feast eaten, Christmas carols sung… then what? Before you let the post-Christmas blues hit you, take note of these fine films to let you ride the Christmas wave well into the new year! After all is said and done, dishes washed, wrapping paper… More »

Question of the Day: What do you dislike about the holidays?

It’s okay to say that you dislike certain things about the holidays. It happens. Just because it’s Christmas and what not doesn’t mean that you can’t be upset at stuff. We won’t judge you if…

Question of the Day: What is your favorite thing about the holidays?

Bah humbug! With the year almost over the celebration of the birth of Baby Jebus, there is a lot to look forward to. Most of those things are presents and my favorite…

Dina Manzo’s Party Planning Tips for the Holidays and Beyond

My Aunt Dina was just featured in an article and I found her tips to be VERY interesting &helpful. My Aunt Dina REALLYYYYYY knows her stuff! Take…

Let It Snow! Gallery of Some Adorable & Creative Snowmen

I grew up in New England where I spent lots of snow days home from school building snowmen all over the yard. Now that I live in LA and I miss making those icy piles of fun — and then destroying them. Half the fun was knocking him down into the snow the next day…. More »

Photo Diary – Holidays, Relax, History, Nature and Fun

Finally I have a little bit of free time to upload this photo gallery about my cruise. On Monday I come back home and I already miss it! But, I always have 450 photos to can see everytime I want and remind all the places I visited and can’t wait to come back on cruise… More »

Ready For Holidays!

Hi Buzznet,

those last days have been really really chaotic, mainly for two reasons: the first because I did my last two exams, and until September I have no intention to listen about exams… I’m so…

Question of the Day: If You Could Get Rid of One Holiday, Which Would It Be & Why?

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t really know what that means because I am uneducated and probably all kinds of horrible. Apparently, a long time ago this dude did some stuff and now we…

Welcome to standard New Year in Russia

Hello there!

In connection with coming New Year I’m spreading a little unusual stuff. It’s a few things that are related with New Year in Russia. Hope,you like it. Have fun!…

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

   I would say that I have been fairly good this year. Since I have no fireplace (living in Florida and all), I will leave the window cracked so that…