How To Rock A Military Jacket: Runway Edition

It’s been an ongoing trend to rock military jackets, but they’re popularity has skyrocketed! I’m seeing them everywhere and there’s no denying, it’s a cool look to rock. From the runway to thrift stores, even Urban and UNIF! I think it’s so neat how much you can do with them to make them unique and… More »

Would You Wear This: Designers That Take Fashion To The Extreme

The main goal of a fashion designer is to successfully brand their line and stand out amongst the masses. Creating an identity and expression through fashion while incorporating the latest trends is what impacts consumers the most. These well known high fashion designers have done just that, to the extreme. What do you think of… More »

GLASSbook Editorial Daydream

Photographer: Liz Besanson Designer/Wardrobe Styling: Heartless Revival Make-up: Angela Saracino Hair-stylist: Mackenzie Hughes Model: Audrey Kitching check out the published version over at GLASSbook

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