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Back To School With Ocean Grove’s John Taylor: The Class President

Ocean Grove‘s John Taylor wants to get you ready to head back to school! The guitarist is sharing with Buzznet some of his high school memories and revealing how he spent his school days. Also…

Back To School With Swimming With Dolphins’ Austin Tofte

What were your extracurricular activities? (band, drama club, sports?)

I dabbled in Soccer, Basketball and Yearbook maybe a little Choir as well.

What was your high school’s mascot?

We were The Warriors!


Back to School With Lights Over Paris: Girl Drama Galore

Buzznet had been extracting stories from all your fave musicians with the intent of easing any back to school blues you may have. Lights Over Paris’ Robb University has a few for us–check out this video…

Question of the Day: If You Had the Chance, Would You Go Through High School Again?

High School is awful. Your body is weird, people are mean, and there’s homework. You have to take classes like “Shop” and read Shake-a-spear and other things that you…

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