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Buzznet Girls Rock (And I Want You To Prove It To Me!)

So, like many of you, I’ve been keeping up on the bands that are being announced for the 2011 Vans Warped Tour.  And I was kind of alarmed at a trend I saw.  Granted, I…

Yellowcard Announce Tour With All Time Low

Oh hello, dream tour–guess what news hit the internets this morning?


Posted on YC’s official site:

Okay. Over the past couple of…

Hey Monday @ The Glass House

Headlining on 11/18/10

Hey Monday @ The Glass House

Headlining on 11/18/10

Glamour Kills Artist Series Has Arrived!

Hello, things I want:

I love love love this one:

Which one do you like best? Gonna snatch any of them up? Get your shop on right here.

August 2010 Playlist

Time to work on September’s!

Music Link Love 8/20

Jersey Moriarty Leaving Hey Monday?

New Anberlin song “Pray Tell” FREE download for a limited time.

fun. has a new music video. methinks OK Go did it better


Three New Songs You Need RIGHT NOW

You know how certain songs go straight from your ears to your chest and they make you swell up with like an impenetrable mylar balloon of happiness? THAT’S HAPPENED TO ME SO MANY TIMES IN…

Buzz Guide: Alex Pettyfer, An Awesome Book and Operator Please

How does one navigate the vast sea known as the WWW? Sometimes we just get LOST–in Maru videos on YouTube, in Words With Friends, in lurking ONTD for macros. Let us provide you some guidance.

Next Alt Press Cover

Via Absolutepunk. What do you think?

2009 VMA Round Up Post

It’s over again for another year!  And what a year it was!  From big entrances from Lady Gaga, Pink and Cobra Starship, to huge performances from the likes of Muse and Green Day and a

bamleft09 12

Hey Monday @ BamLeft

bamleft09 10

Cassadee Pope

Hey Monday

Update on Next Cobra Starship CD

So, remember when Cobra Starship locked themselves in a cabin and worked on songs for their third CD?  You know, the anticipated follow-up to 2007’s Viva La Cobra?  And

Sugar He’s Shaking It In Da Club Popping Champagne to Make You Dance Tonight: 50 Cent to Join Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour

Are you following Decaydance Records on Twitter?  Because if not, you just missed HUGE news:

BREAKING NEWS 50 Cent to Join Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour! More details to come!


Fall Out Boy and FOE Present Headlining Tour: Believers Never Die Part Deux

Holllllly mother of all line-ups, guess what FOE just announced this morning? Well, I mean, you don’t have to guess because I already told you BUT did you get wind of the other artists

Fall Out Boy Announce Headlining Spring Tour

Yesterday, Breesays and I were lamenting the lack of Pete Wentz‘s presence on the internet.  And it looks like someone must have heard us (Pete, do you stalk our IM’s or something?)…