“Henna Heals” Makes Beautiful Henna Crowns For Hope & Empowerment

I recently came across one of the most inspirational communities – their truly beautiful mission is so touching, that I really wanted to share their power of love and kindness with you Babies. Henna Heals is a group of global artists who “create and advocate for henna crowns as a form of empowerment for people… More »

60 Mind Blowing Henna Designs

I have always been very fasinated by henna designs,so today, I thought I would try it myself. I used a DIY henna kit and I was very pleased with the results! Here are some mind blowing henna designs that really inspired me! XoXo, Katelyn

Power of Art: Utopia Tattoo for Shriners Kids

Tattoos can be such beautiful art that doubles as personal forms of self-expression like no other medium. I love unique tattoos and their infinite possibilities, although I can never make up my mind and personally stick to henna for now. Tatted or not, I hope you will make a trip to Utopia Tattoo soon –… More »

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