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Hellogoodbye Advice

Hellogoodbye are in the April 2007 issue of Blender, offering you tips on how to Stay Faithful.Says Jesse Kurvink: “We all have girlfriends, so we don’t put ourselves in situations where we can get into…

Music Stuff 2/21

Dizzee Rascal/Lily Allen collaboration. (pitchfork)Capitol Records is dropping a lot of bands. (brooklynvegan)Top 100 Indie songs of all time. (HearYa)Hellogoodbye want you to listen to Mika. (rocklouder)

Pre-VDay Playlist

So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You can give my the whole overcommercialized romance-is-dead speech, but I won’t have it until I hear your top three love songs. Maybe it’s the song you imagine playing in…

Bamboozle Left 10/14/06: Recap!

So, Bamboozle Left. I’m not feeling particularly verbose today, but I’ll give you what I can.Saturday: Jeff was FINALLY allowed a day off, so he came with me… we were late, thanks to inexplicable traffic,…

Hellogoodbye – Oh, It Is Love (LIVE)

Live @ Bamboozle Left 10/14/06

Hellogoodbye Track Listing

Here is the track listing according to UpBeetMusic.com for Hellogoodbye’s new album, Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! due out August 8th.
01. All Your Love
02. Here (In Your Arms)
03. All Time Lows
04. Stuck to You
05. Homewrecker
06. Oh…

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