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Monday Buzz 8/27

Nick Hogan got in a baaad car accident. (Pop Bytes)

Beckham nanny couldn’t deal with “Bossy Posh.” (snagwire)

Fabulous facial expressions from Lauren Conrad and a weird fan. (POTP)
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The Hills recap: The poetic Justin Bobby + “Surprises”

Season 3, Episode 2: I am happy to report this episode was GOOD! Highlights:

– The poetic (“truth and time tells all“) and aspiring shampoo model, Justin Bobby. …

Heidi Montag’s ‘Body Language’

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for: Heidi Montag of ‘The Hills‘ debuted her single on KIIS FM this morning….

Buzznet take on Heidi & Spencer!

Last night Meriah and I attended The Hills Launch press event at the LG House in Malibu. At first we’d heard that Heidi Montag and Spencer…

The Hills: Almost Alive

Monday, August 13th at 10:00 PM ET/PT! The best worst TV is BACK!

Let’s go get the gossip going in The…

Heidi & Spencer work out.

Um, thats called posing for the camera, not working out. I can’t WAIT ’til The Hills returns! Best worst TV ever.

Givin’ Heidi Montag “Props”

Just Jared has shots of the notorious Ms. Montag (MTV’s The Hills) at LAX toting “The Art of War” by philosopher Sun Tzu.

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The Hills: Season 3 Trailer

Yes! Evil Beet delivered the goods today! The best worst TV show is coming BACK! How excited are we to make fun of it again?

Heidi Uninvited

Oh Heidi, we love to hate you but is there no stunt you’re above pulling? JordanIsYourHomeboy posted this Hills drama bit, via Us Magazine:

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Thursday Buzz 5/31

IBBB brings you “Am I Wrong?” Part III! Hahahah.

Jessica Alba is wrong. But at least she isn’t all, “Ohmygod, I’m so beautiful it hurts my career.” (INO)


Oh nooooo!

TMZ says Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt are engaged.

I guess that makes Heidi 90% indoctrinated into the cult of Spencer. Sigh.

Friday Buzz 5/11

Orlando Bloom is looking for love on… Facebook? (TBYLTH)

Spencer Pratt supports Paris. Figures. (Tra la la)

Ho on the Go, srsly? (The Dirty Disher)

Animals Rights Activists <a…

Monday Buzz 5/7

PopBytes reviews SpiderMan3.

Lindsay Lohan has great friends. (IBBB)

That really hyper dude from Extreme Makeover Home Edition…. got a DUI. (Evil Beet)

Is there hope for Old…

Heidi Montag: Before and After

In case you forgot (or, you know, never paid attention in the first place) Heidi Montag of MTV’s The Hills recently got a boob job AND a nose job (um, maybe…

Spencer & Heidi Speak:

MTV Reality World has an Exclusive interview with Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt of The Hills. Here’s an excerpt:

MTV Reality World: I understand you…

Wednesday Buzz 4/4

Heidi from The Hills got a boob job. I’m sure Spencer was there, cheering all the way. (BWE)For once, I wish the cover of the National Enquirer were true. (Pop Bytes)Awesome graffiti artists make Madonna…

The Hills wraps– minus Heidi.

Last night was the finale of The Hills: Season 2. Sighhhhh. (I didn’t watch yet!@ Don’t tell me what happens!!!) Anyway, there was a glitzy wrap party at the NYC MTV Times Square studios. Just…

The Hills S2, Ep 6: Lick your neck and you’ll WHAT?

We open with a Lauren/Heidi heart to heart, in which Heidi confesses she’s giving Spencer another chance. Lauren is NOT pleased, and tells her she sees so many “Jason” qualities in Spencer, that he also…

The Hills S2, Ep4: Defining “Appropriate” and “Assault”

The title of this episode is “Who Do You Trust?” with the inevitable answer being “NOT DIRTBAG KEN.”Anyway. In the opening scene, Heidi tells Lauren she is planning to meet Audrina for lunch and applauds…

Tuesday Buzz 2/6

Heroes geek alert: Get into Sylar’s file AND radioactive Ted’s file! (thepunkguy)Speaking of which, the Heroes chick is totally bff with the Laguna Beach chick. And they shop. (TMZ)Heidi Montag in Stuff Magazine. (Us)
JT and…