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Selena Gomez Gets A Justin Bieber-Inspired Tattoo

Things must really be heating up for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! On Valentine’s Day the 19-year-old Disney darling received a ring in the form of…

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Announces the Nominees for the Class of 2012

One of the greatest honors in music is to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To have your name cemented among such greats as Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Prince and,…

Everything you always wanted to know about Britney’s albums and singles – OOPS! … I DID IT AGAIN

Second blog dedicated to the celebration of Britney’s power, just yesterday was the 11 anniversary of Oops! … I did it again album, so which better way to celebrate this anniversary with a…

Dear Mom and Dad (An Open Letter)

I miss you. Both. I love you. Always. But there are things I need to say to reach out for some sort of closure in my life.…


Well as you can see Tiny Mr.Potato Head and Peter had a visit from Spongebob and Gary the Snail. They came with the most delicious presents in the shape of hearts for them. I wonder if they know that Gary is doing what any hungry snail would do he leaving his slime on the Krabby… More »

Dear angel… #3 – Love me or kill me

December 31st, 2010

Dear angel,

also this 2010 is finishing, and I’m here to think about all our moments together in this 2010, I’ll never forget our…

Follow topazaz94 ;)

My American bestfriend Celine made me a surprise and created a profile here on Buzznet, I’m so happy about this! You guys reminded her about her awesome gifts to me, I talked to you guys a lot of times, and her writing on the send about Bill & me… She’s an amazing girl, with such… More »


When I peeled off my nail polish last week one part came off in the shape of a heart !!!!! I had to get a photo to remember 😀 View in full size 😀

cutest thing on earth.

Dear John McCain: Putting Your iPod on “Shuffle” Isn’t Working

So, recently there was news that the Foo Fighters had told John McCain to stop using their song “My Hero” at live events, as he had not asked the band’s permission

John McCain Just Can’t Catch a Break…Musically

There’s a certain art to picking the correct song for your presidential campaign.

An art that John McCain just can’t quite grasp.

McCain was admonished this morning by rock gods The Foo Fighters

Heart For Heath

I’m not much with a mouse, unfortunately, but I don’t think there’s any real way for me to do the right tribute for a loss that feels so horribly WRONG.

Hearted Flowers

R.I.P Heath Ledger :'(

Heath death affects White House

It’s not often I say GOOD FORM, especially not to like, The White House, but…

The death of actor Heath Ledger prompted the White House to…




This is an absolute abomination and the fact that these people can claim they are doing “God’s work” in this situation makes me violently ill.  To put your own disgusting…



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