Hear It First: St. Lucia Teams Up with The Knocks for “Modern Hearts”

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of St. Lucia. I’ve been bragging about them since last summer. But if not, check out the…

Introducing Mike Gentile’s New Band Rescue Kid!

Why hello my fellow music junkies, If any of you are familiar with the name Mike Gentile or his old band Hey Monday, this news may excite you! The long awaited mystery behind “RK” that we all heard about has been revealed, it stands for Rescue Kid, an up and coming band straight out of… More »

Hear It First: Our Last Night Releases New Album “Age Of Ignorance”

Music Lovers, I love spreading the word about new music and bands especially when it is a band that holds a special place for me. I used to go to shows since well… before I was even able to drive myself to the local shows. One of the bigger bands that drew the best and… More »

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