Hot Or Not: Slug and Snail Headphones!

I love how creative are artists. But today I want to draw your attention to the fantastic Klara Pernicova and her wonderful headphones. They remind us of the slugs and snails! 

WIN A Pair Of Sony X Headphones

I love music. I eat sleep, breathe and dance to music, it’s a way of life really. When I was at Coachella this year I stopped at the Sony Loft at The…

GIVEAWAY: WIN An Incipio Festival Prizepack On Instagram!

If you’re looking to deck out your iPhone before this year’s Coachella we have a chance for you to win a grip of cool gear from Incipio! This also includes…

Playlist: Relaxation for Bedtime

When lying in your bed at night, after a long, busy, stressful, day going to bed can be hard with so many thoughts rambling through your head. When this happens to me, what tends to…

Lego Headphones Are DIY-liscious!

This is an actual working set of headphones MADE OUT OF LEGOS. A user who goes by the handle of “=D” on the Instructables site created them. Their comments on the project: I decided to combine the two things that I love most: music and LEGO. This whole project took me about a month and… More »

Top Five Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

You had a brief period of anti-establishment attitude this week, but now you’re thinking, well, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get my darling a little something. You don’t want to be one of the schmucks

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