happy bday

Happy Birthday Georg Listing!

Today it’s a really special day: it’s the 25th birthday of Georg Listing, Tokio Hotel’s bassist!
In occasion I made this little video with one of my fav…


30 years ago was born a little fairy, here name is Britney Jean Spears.

Since the beginning she was strong, smart and determinate to be a star.

Now after 13 years…

★ Happy B-Day Gus! ★

On September 8th, 1988 was born a blond baby boy and since his first years he was interested to the music, in particular to drums. He usually played drums with pots xp His name is Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer, better known only with the name of Gustav Schäfer, TH’s drummer! I wish to him all… More »

gee is singing happy bday..

well,,happy bday gee..

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