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lady grinning soul

Your parasite mind ain’t the truly respectable kind

last night was truly genius. ivey, devan & i went to the roosevelt hotel to dine & watch a movie under the stars. every monday night during summer they play an old movie…

my weekly top 10 beauty must haves

1. betsey johnson for tweerman 

2. smashbox o gloss

3. fake lashes 

4. hard candy meteor eye shadows 

5. sephora liquid eyeliner 

6. urban decay heavy metal glitter gel liner


this bed feels lonely, but soothing.

the company of cinderella and mickey is reassuring. still thoughts of him are chasing through my mind. trying to finish the book im reading “neon angel” before i go out tonight. did i mention i hate taxes.. i really HATE taxes.. follow me on twitter.. www.twitter.com/TheHannaBeth

this is how i feel at the moment..

a complete,but composed, disaster. tonight is going to be fun. going out with my lovely roommate ivey and our good friend vinnie. doing a drais pool party takeover for the launch party for the bad kitty site. can’t wait to finally see our photos.. xo follow me on twitter.. www.twitter.com/TheHannaBeth

hanna beth pillow

very creative.. i love.. thank you

the final product

this is the image kid dangerous decided to use for their new shirt line.. fall 2010… gossip girl.. rolling stone.. take it away boys.. xoxo

another glimpse of my birthday madness

the wild ones. we are the wild ones.

Hanna Beth & Ivey?

Reblogged from Michael Shirley

Just saw this photo randomly online and thought it was a photo shoot Hanna Beth and Ivey did.  Clearly,…

soul stealer

this week i got my credentials for the MTV music awards. i decided that this year i am going to do a DIY dress.. i have a bunch of ideas in mind and i can’t wait to get started.. my friend sammi ryan is designing me a killer head piece to wear as well.. i… More »

my favorite gift

this amazing rose gold cupcake necklace with pink sapphires.. i am obsessed.. its never coming off..

Birthday Doll Chaos City

i am finally the big 22. yesterday we celebrated by feasting at Madeo’s and partying into the night.. cake was cut.. drinks were drank.. memories were made.. yesterday by far was the best birthday i…

Trendspotting With…Hanna Beth

even though it’s still hot outside, fall is just around the corner which means every single one of us girls has new Fall fashion on our minds. 

this is personally one of my favorite seasons and this year, its…

Hanna Beth — Birthday Edition

family ties

last night at polo lounge with my mom and brother marlon.

seventies convictions

entourage marathon in bed.. today is an amazing saturday.. have you ever seen the show? i have become obsessed.

sober is sexy is almost here..

my mom and i finally got our samples in for sober is sexy.. the shirts will be on sale soon.. here is one of our favorite pieces… the don’t die, stay sober tee.. what do you think? xox

a glamourous disaster

hollywood hell.. the happiest place on earth.

a mini preview of my birthday invite.. ohh laaa laa

teenage space cadets

the young & the wild.

today i got back from an amazing weekend getaway in san diego to celebrate my friend dipple’s 30th birthday. we barbecued, watched fireworks, drank under the stars, baked chocolate cake.. everything…

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