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Who Is Your Ultimate Music Crush? (VIDEO)

Hey guys!  We wanna know – who’s your Ultimate Music Crush?

Bow Veins

Happy Tattoo Tuesday everyone! This weeks tattoos are based on a spontaneous love for little bow tattoos, so why not collect my favourites and show them to you?? I would adore having a tiny bow on one of my ring fingers! I even featured Buzznet’s very own HannaBeth into this gallery with her precious bow… More »

Day 1 FNO NYC Fashion Week

Last night was Fashion Night Out in NYC! It was crazy… in a good way! Met up with a ton of friends and ran around the city. As Stella says, think trick or tricking with less candy more fashion! Stopped by the Socialte Blogger party with hair braiding and scarfs, the hit up Bloomingdales for… More »

5 Minute Back To School Makeup Look By Cafface (VIDEO)

The lovely people over at Cafface Beauty Bar took some time to show us how to get this very simple, very beautiful Back To School Makeup Look! It only takes 5 minutes to achieve! PERFECT for those mornings that you might be running late too! Check it out! &Stay tuned after the video to see… More »

Ashlee Holmes On High School

Buzznet sent me over some questions about high school. See what I had to say below! Also, feel free to check out this gallery of some random pictures from my high school experience. BN: Was the first day of High School as scary for you as “they” make it seem AH: Not at all. I… More »

A Night Out For Sleeping Dogs Event

Last night I had the most fun ever with swoonster on date night. We were invited to go play at the Sleeping Dogs Release Party. I was…

How To: Ashlee Holmes Ripped Tee

One of my favorite things to do is tweak my clothing. I always try to find ways to make things different. Whenever I get bored with my wardrobe I look for tees that I haven’t worn in a while and I cut them up or rip them to make a completely different style shirt. Sometimes… More »

What’s On Ashlee Holmes’ Shopping List?

I’m going to be moving into yet another new apartment come September. I’m already making my shopping list for my new place. I’m going to do a gypsy wonderland theme for the majority of the apartment. Apothecary stuff, skulls, lanterns, music related things, artwork etc… In the kitchen I’m going to have more of an… More »

The NYLON Music Issue Party!

Hey lovelies. I am SICK as a dog right now, and writing this behind a throat of fire. Super bummed because it’s my first weekend off in so long, and I will be in bed. Maybe that’s a good thing, you’ll get tons of blogs out of me! Anyways, This week I got to go… More »

Behind The Scenes Of Snow White And The Huntsman Photo Shoot

I recently did a Snow White and the Huntsman inspired photoshoot with the amazing Hanna Beth. She portrayed Snow White and looked absolutely stunning and I was…


SHORT ( OMBRE ) HURRRRR DON’T CURRR. lol… I’m LOVING my new hairstyle compliments of the ALWAYS AMAZING Terra Shapiro. Terra is seriously the BEST hair stylist in the LA area. Check out her facebook page HERE –OR follow her on Twitter @TerraShapiro. It’s so weird having short hair. I’ve had hair extensions since my… More »

Meet Marty!

My best friend Pete recently met a little boy named Marty. Marty has something called Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a disease passed down through families that causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, digestive tract, and other areas of the body. It is one of the most common chronic lung diseases… More »

Buzzmaker Photo Shoot: Jessi Jae Joplin

Check out these photos of yours truly from my buzzmaker photo shoot by the super talented Cameron Rad. They came out so great! I got to choose props to use, so I chose a hula hoop, silly string…and even stole some hair spray from the stylist and created fire! Gotta love the rebel in me…. More »

Get To Know Buzzmaker Profile: Ashlee Holmes

Hey everyone! Check out this video of me talking about ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘, all of YOU who support me, TWLOHA, what’s on my iPod right now, and my style. It…

Female Celebs With Radical Tattoos!

Things I love. Tats, girls and radicalness. Check out these photos of your favorite females who like to rock some ink on their skin. Super hawt. Yes I am talking like a crazy person. Yes, I am. xx!!

Cakes And Days Of Creation

This past week I got to see some of my best friends in town from NYC. I went to some lovely business meetings with my friend Jessi Jae Joplin. Jessi and I have A LOT of surprises in store for you all. I can’t wait to share EVERYTHING with you! Over the weekend, I got… More »

Ashlee Holmes Tattoo Guide

Check out all of my tattoos! 🙂 &YES.. I want more.

I Partied With Nick Swardson

Every Saturday Hanna Beth throws a party at Lexington Social House. The lovely Jessi Jae Joplin and I have gone the past two Saturdays and have had an AMAZING time both times! Last Saturday Nick Swardson ended up joining the party! It was great. Check out some pics from our night!

Nail Inspiration

Are you bored with your nails? Having trouble deciding what to do to them next? Check out this gallery of AMAZING nails for some inspiration! (Some of them used to belong to the lovely Hanna Beth) — I want them all to be mine lol


In case you missed any of these, here are a few photos of how I spent the month of February through the eyes of Instagram. –Enjoy! xx

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