HAIRSPIRATION: the shoulder length bob

It’s officially been one year since I got married, changed into KELTIE KNIGHT and cut off all my hair, and since then…I’ve noticed, I was totally a trend setter! SO many people cut their hair like me on TV after! So, it’s time to trend set again and do some growing out and I am… More »

Fashion Inspirations: Wooly Head

This is time for unique fashion. I believe that you need to see wonderful the knitted wigs by talented artist/photographer Louise Walker. She made the best wool wigs…

Red Carpet Hair Updo Inspiration for Awards Season

What should I do with my hair for the rest of award season? So far I rocked the slicked hair trend, and this week I’ll be at the Critics Choice awards, and the SAG awards and then followed by the Grammy Awards. I’ve been looking for inspiration that I can use for my red carpet… More »

Hayley Williams Rocking Hair Evolution + Happy Birthday!

Today, December 27th, Hayley Williams turns 25! She is killing it right now and I want to wish her a very happy birthday. To celebrate the birth of the Paramore queen I want to take a walk down memory lane and remember all the wild hairstyles Hayley has had. This chick is always rocking crazy… More »

NYE Party Hair Inspiration

It’s the best season of the year, the holiday season. All the parties have begun and eveyrthing seems just a little more glittery! i am, of course, really looking forward to New Year’s Eve because 2013 was so epic, I can only imagine what 2014 will hold for all of us! One of the funnest… More »

Hair Inspiration: 30 Celebrity Pixie Cuts

The pixie cut is EVERYWHERE! It’s making a major comback, with stars like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Williams, Beyonce and Beth Ditto rocking the look! I totally loved chopping my hair off…so I can only imagine how liberating it was for these ladies to chop chop! Here are some of my favorite… More »

Hair Inspiration: 40 Great Bob Haircuts

I’ve been growing out my hair for years for our wedding, and now that it is close I cannot wait to chop it all off after the wedding! I’m convinced I would like a short, shoulder length, one length bob haircut. I’ve been looking to the interwebs for all kind of inspiration, and somewhere between… More »

25 Ways To Wear Your Hair UP This Summer

I’ve decided I want to cut my hair off as soon as the wedding is done, but for now, I’ve grown out my hair to be long and it’s hot, hot, hot and all I want to do is wear my hair up. I pulled 25 of my favorite hairstlye inspirations to keep me going… More »

45 Ways To Braid Your Hair

While I am not letting many details of our wedding come out, one thing I can say is that there will be braiding involved in my hair. I think braids are so romantic and chic, and not just for important dates, they can be worn everyday and super casual too! I’ve included 45 ways to… More »

Short Hurr Don’t Curr

As most of you who have been following my blog… I recently made a poll to have you all help me pick out my next haircut. I decided that I didn’t want to deal…


I love Elycia’s blog is one of my favorites! this girl is from Hamilton, Ontario and is a cat lover, oldies dancing, colorful clothes, take pictures, and likes to change her hair color constantly. in your blog you will find your favorite things, work projects and all the things that you are passionate.


this girl is kaylah the dainty squid blog, loves to change the color of hair is often, it has many colors from orange to pink, purple, blue, green…

Ashlee Holmes: Back In LA (VIDEO)

Howdy folks! So… I’m FINALLY back in LA. It was so sad leaaving my family and friends in NJ, but I was ready to be back. Coming back here wasn’t as hard as it usually is because my best friend Jaclyn Marie Brinster decided to come back with me and visit for a whole week!… More »

Elle Fanning Gets Artsy With Rainbow Pastel Hair For ‘Bullett’ Magazine

We can’t get enough of 1. pastel hair and 2. young starlet, Elle Fanning. So when we discovered that two of our favorite things teamed up, we were totally estactic! When it comes to candy-colored or dip-dyed hair, not everybody can pull it off (sorry JWWOW, we weren’t wow’ed by yours). But our dear gal,… More »

Whoa! Lady Gaga Is Now Sporting Dreadlocks

Is Lady Gaga prepping up for some Rasta Thanksgiving fun? Or, is she just adding some fun to her recently added tattoo? We’re not sure, but…

Are These Hair Do’s Or Hair Don’ts?!

We have all heard of crazy and sometimes questionable oufits on the runway, but has anyone else noticed how wild the model’s hair can be?! I’ve seen some hairstyles that are really out there! So I put together a gallery of the craziest hair I’ve seen on the runway. Would YOU ever let someone do… More »

Homecoming Up-Do Hairstyles

When I was in high school, I loved getting all dolled up to go to dances! I know right now is Homecoming season, so I decided to pick out my favorite up-do hairstyles that would be perfect for Homecoming. If you don’t know how you’re going to style your hair yet, I hope this gallery… More »

Celeb Style: Dip Dye Hair Trend

Dip dye, ombre, gradient, however you call this trend, it’s safe to say that this two-coloured hair trend is THE, if not the biggest, hair trend of the year. Whether you’re just lazy and don’t want to keep dying your roots or looking for a creative outlet and wanting pink tips, you’re in the right… More »

Punk Love

Just because punks have intimidating style doesn’t mean they don’t have a softer side too. Check out these punks in love. Too cute.

Hayley Williams Hair Through the Years

Hayley Williams is known for her brightly colored hair. Hayley has tried many shades of red and orange over the years as well as other shades like hot pink, dark purple, and bleach blonde. Here is a timeline of Hayley’s many hair colors.

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