Christmas Outfit Ideas For Parties, Traveling, & Keeping Warm!

Here are some cute Holiday Outfit Ideas to keep you lookin’ Adorable & Snuggly Warm this Season! Enjoy & leave a Comment on the video with your Favorite Look & what you want to see next! XOXO, Hailey

Want More Mortal Instruments? Check Out Our Buzzmaker Book Club Part 2!

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// So, you watched…

Want More Mortal Instruments? Check Out Our Buzzmaker Book Club Part 2!

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So, you watched the first installment of our special Book Club introduction to Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and are surely clamoring for more! Rest easy, friends, because the second installment…

Artist Spotlight: Topher Mohr

I had a chance this week to sit down with the extremely talented upcoming musician Topher Mohr. His new album Phlotilla just hit stores &amp…

What Girls Do On Valentines Day

What funny things do women do on Valentine’s Day? Watch this & see if you fall in one of these categories  

Movie Inspiration: Harry Potter Outfit to Die For

Harry Potter fans- I’ve tracked down the perfect Wizard girl ensemble from polyvore.com. This look includes items like a Gryffindor class ring, Bellatrix Bird Skull necklace, & Deathly Hallows earrings. Rock this getup at your next LAN party and even Emma Watson is guaranteed to be jealous!

Welcome Hailey Bright To The Buzznet Family!

Hey BuzzFans! I’m so excited to be joining your awesome family!

Just a little bit about me- I am originally from Tennessee and currently live in Hollywood…

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