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Keltie Colleen’s Guide To The Guys You Shouldn’t Date

Look, not matter what I say in this blog I know that most of you are going to come back at me saying “yes, but my guy is different“. That is totally fine. I almost believe you. I am basing my list purely on broad generalizations and what I have seen in the world of… More »

How To Get Guys To Like You

I know it sounds cheesy, but seriously, it’s one of the questions you guys email me about the MOST! How can I get someone to notice me, like me, love me, kiss me. I am a believer in the right person and the right time, but it’s also good to know a few rules about… More »

The Evolution Of Liam Hemsworth

It’s Easy

To get pissed off.  I know this.  If you read my blog and don’t know this, well…you’re obviously new.  Or you think I coded buzznet entirely by hand to hate on the “Twilight” series, which…

Potential Valentine’s Day Dates

Check out this gallery of hot celebs that I wouldn’t mind spending Valentine’s Day (&Night) with! 😉 —If I were single AND had the option of choosing any man I desired that is. I am BEYOND happy with my boyfriend though. 🙂 <3 Add YOUR dream celeb man to this gallery! Let’s all discuss together… More »

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