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Tokio Hotel: Historical Places (Magdeburg, Lotische & Berlin)

Check out this really cute video of some places where Tokio Hotel have been in their childhood, I really can’t wait to do a tour in their little cities soon, it’s always been my dream. When I’ve been in Germany in 2009, I visited only Leipzig but not Loitsche, where Bill and Tom lived in… More »

EXCLUSIVE: All Tokio Hotel Shooting By Bernard Mouillon [2006 – 2009]

Check out this exclusive gallery includes all the shoots by Bernard Mouillon from 2006 to 2009 to Tokio Hotel, there are never before seen shots too. Enjoy and tell me which is your fav!

EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel @ NHK Music Japan Overseas

Check out this exclusive and never before seen Tokio Hotel performance during their last visit in Tokyo @ NHK Japan Overseas show on February 11th, 2011

Tokio Hotel CALL – Info Update #1

For a short time you could hear a Voice-Message about “Tokio Hotel CALL” from Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav on The operators of the page have deleted the message. But now someone has uploaded it on Youtube… Tom: Hey, it´s Tom speaking. You know what? I thought it might be a cool idea to… More »

Tokio Hotel: Some Things Never Change pt.3

In those years I notice a sweet fact about Tokio Hotel, in particular about Bill and Tom poses and faces: in those years some habits continue to stay inside them and it’s so cute, check…

Tokio Hotel // Old Italian Good Times

In those last days, TH websites are full of old photos, it’s something of nice because your mind goes back in time and remind all great memories, and for now I saw them only in…

Tokio Hotel Win Fan Army FTW Award 2011 @ MTVOMA

Tokio Hotel won in the category “Fan Army FTW” for the second time at the MTV O Music Awards 2011!





★ Happy B-Day Gus! ★

On September 8th, 1988 was born a blond baby boy and since his first years he was interested to the music, in particular to drums. He usually played drums with pots xp His name is Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer, better known only with the name of Gustav Schäfer, TH’s drummer! I wish to him all… More »

Remember The Day: 6 Years With Tokio Hotel / 6th “Durch Den Monsun” Anniversary

“Tokio Hotel’s debut single goes #1 – They came, sang and conquered.”
“Tokio Hotel: Students become rock stars in six weeks.”

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Tokio Hotel In INROCK Japan Vol.333 + TRANSLATION

Continue INROCK support for Tokio Hotel. I’m so proud of it!


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Exclusive Tokio Hotel Photos @ Video Music Aid Japan 2011 + Backstage

This gallery is simply awesome, there are a lot of cute photos! Check it out!

Tokio Hotel On The New Issue Of InRock Japan [August 2011]

WOOOOOW!!! I really wanna have this magazine!! InRock is such an amazing magazine and every month dedicates a lot of pages to Tokio Hotel, they have to be really really proud!!! I’m so…

Remember The Day: Tokio Hotel Live In Modena [July 11th, 2008]

July for me it’s a really special month, especially if I connect it to Tokio Hotel: I knew them in July, I saw them for the first time in July, I met the twins in…

Tokio Hotel @ Audi Showcase – Tokyo, Japan (June 24th, 2011) [+ VIDEO & DOWNLOAD]

Today, Tokio Hotel have a showcase at Audi, this morning (European hour) they had the soundcheck and all it’s been good, they rehersed Phantomrider, Darkside of the Sun and Automatic. It’s really hot in Tokyo…

Tokio Hotel arrive at Narita Airport – Tokyo, Japan – June 23rd, 2011

In the next two days, Tokio Hotel will be the special guest of VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN  AWARDS.

Tomorrow they will have a little acoustic session at Audi and on 25th they will be among the…

COMEBACK! – Tokio Hotel Interviewed on BRAVO Russia n°13/2011

Finally it happened! Tokio Hotel arrived in Moscow to the Muz-TV Awards! BRAVO met the band and learned a lot of interesting details…

Tokio Hotel: Some Things Never Change pt.2

In those years I notice a sweet fact about Tokio Hotel, in particular about poses and faces: in those years some habits continue to stay inside them and it’s so cute, check out some of…

Tokio Hotel recieved 500.000 Euros for a 10-Minute-Performance

What a wicked fee! The German rock band Tokio Hotel took home half a million euros for a 10-minute appearance Friday evening in Moscow.

As have learned, the Russian…

Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 3rd, 2011) [RED CARPET & SHOW + PRESS CONFERENCE]

Finally they came on the red carpet

And this is the video made by me, sorry it’s in a really bad quality, btw Bill said that they are so happy…

Tokio Hotel in Moscow for MUZ TV AWARDS (June 3rd, 2011) + UPDATE


Tokio Hotel this morning had meet&greet with fans and firmed autographs outside the Ritz hotel.

Bill has a new piercing (the same of Tom on…