Never Say Never Festival: 3/15 and 3/16

There are few things that get me more amped up than the Warped Tour, but this year a couple things are rivaling it–namely the Dirty Work tour and the Never Say Never Festival.


Overcast Kids From Chicago Are LUCKY

Yes, I am in Fall Out Boy’s fan club. Yes, they are on hiatus. But lo, what is this in my gmail inbox:

If you are 21+ and in or around the Chicago area…

Pete Wentz Live Q&A TODAY

Pete Wentz will be having a sesh with Billboard this Thursday (7/15) live at 4pm EST. Fans will have the opportunity to tweet a question to Billboard (@Billboarddotcom) using hashtage #bblivechat for a chance to…

Patrick Stump’s Solo Album: Funky, Direct and Ready This Summer?

The golden egg in my email inbox this morning was a Q&A Spin Magazine did with Patrick Stump. In it he talks about themes emerging on his solo album, our culture’s ‘verbal diarrhea’ and his

brb screen grabbing myself

What A Catch, Donnie video trailer on FOE: //

Rescued By Patrick Stump: A Day On The Set Of “What A Catch, Donnie”

By now many of you have read Richard’s recount of our day as extras in the Fall Out Boy music video shoot.

Richard had never been to a music video shoot before, but I have.

Fall Out Boy Tour Update, Starring Bronx Wentz

Last night Fall Out Boy posted some behind-the-scenes footage of the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour on friendsorenemies. Do you have to be enticed to watch it? Maybe this will help: [cut=Cuteness ahead…]


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look who i found

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