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The Muppets Parody ‘Green Lantern’ in The Newest Trailer

Though Green Lantern may be opening this weekend, there’s someone else who’s known for YEARS that it’s not easy being green: Kermit the Frog. As you probably already know, Kermit, along with the other Muppets, will be returning to the big screen later this year and bringing along Jason Segel of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The… More »

DC Comics To Reboot Over 50 Titles This Fall

Ever wanted to get into comic books, but intimidated by the sheer amount of mythology?  Or felt they were just so DISCONNECTED from the world today?

Well, now DC comics is making it easier for…

Score Some Awesome Stuff on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2011

So, every year the first Saturday in May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  And it is exactly what it sounds like: if you go to a participating comic shop, you get FREE comics.  


New Green Lantern Trailer: Okay, Okay, You’ve FINALLY Won Me Over

So, I’ve been back and forth on the upcoming Green Lantern movie.  Yes, it looks SERIOUSLY awesome, but there were a few factors keeping me from being really excited about it:

  • I’m not the biggest fan…

Watch Ryan Reynolds FINALLY Recite The Green Lantern Oath

Yeah, yeah, more Comic Con stuff, but you should have seen that coming.  A huge thanks to Sara of Comicvine for cluing me into this!

Anyway, we’ve seen the first shots of the Green…

In Brightest Day, in Greenest Tights: First Picture of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern Revealed!

I’m a geek.  That’s no secret, right?  I mean, you guys kinda picked up on that?  I figured.

So it stands to reason that one of my biggest turn ons are hot-yet-geeky guys.  And Ryan Reynolds…

Buzznet Community Review: “The Ballad of Jonathan Crane” by Mikey Way

At long last, the DC Universe Halloween Special, featuring an 8 page story by My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way, has hit news shelves. [cut=Sneak a peek, doodz!]

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