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Green Day In Studio Video

The guys work on their follow up to American Idiot. Anybody excited?

U2 & Green Day – The saints are coming

2007 VMA nominee

The Threat of Guyliner

While I am, in fact, a FAN of guyliner, this DoubleViking article was a hilarious read. I can’t even effectively sum it up from you, you’re just going to have to go read it….

green day-boulevard of broken dreams

w0w..i really l0ve this s0ng of green dayt.. i als0 ad0re and l0ve this band…esp. billie j0e!!woooo!!

gerard way my l0ve,my her0!!

mikey my her0!

frankie my her0!!1

bob my her0!



is he hands0me?

g0sh!billie j0e!!!

i think i being in l0ve w/ this hands0me guy..

NFG interview with

Here are some of my fav questions, you can read the whole interview here.
So lets start off by talking about the new album “Coming Home”. What was the inspiration behind the writing of this album?

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