Grammy Goody Bag!!!

Wanna know what’s inside a pre-Grammy party goody bag? I made you guys a gallery so u can take a look yourself. This is the goody bag they gave out at the Music Cares event, celebrating Sir Paul McCartney. I can’t say the contents were mind blowing but was definitely happy to find some things… More »


I went to 3 pre-grammy parties this year…so I thought I’d give you guys a breakdown and a little fun gallery to go with it. The first one was the Cover Girl event. It was really small and celebrated strong women in the music business. Erykah Badu was spinning and some really bendy girls were… More »

Dani Vitale Dances With Rihanna At The Grammys 2012

Last night was a rush of emotions! It was my first time performing at the Grammys and the Staples Center! I was blessed to be able to step on the stage that has been shared by so many talented people that night. And more importantly the dancers that I worked side by side with all… More »

Grammy Trail Off #7: The Lonely Island’s ‘Turtleneck & Chain’

The Grammys aren’t all srs bzns, you know–there is a place for LOLZ. And one of the nominees for Best Comedy Album this year is Turtleneck & Chain by the side-splitting trio known as The…

Music Notes 2/7

I ate a burrito the size of my head today. THAT may not be relevant to your interests, but perhaps these music news stories are:

Who’s rumored to be a Warped Tour headliner now?

<img src=""…

Grammy Trail Off #6: Skrillex And Sprites

Your boy Skrillex is all up in the 2012 Grammy nominations. Today we begin our fact-filled journey with his EP and song Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, which are nominated for Best Dance Recording AND Best Dance…

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