7 GIFs That Explain Our Graduation Excitement Perfectly

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Now is the time to put on an itchy polyester gown and slink across a stage. It’s the end of an era, an event at least four years in the making… it’s GRADUATION DAY. Woo! Before you pop bottles (of sparkling apple cider if you’re walking the… More »

Buzznet Presents: Moving On – Graduation Playlist

For some of you, graduation is just around the corner. It’s time to say goodbye to the last four years and move on to bigger and better things as you take each life lesson you’ve learned along with you. Music is crucial during these times, so we curated a playlist geared towards moving on, letting… More »

7 Things About Graduation To Look Forward To

It’s literally been a decade since I left high school and every now and then, I wake up in the morning and remind myself what a great day it is to not be in high school anymore. I’m sure a lot of you can relate – whether you’re heading off to a new life in… More »

Why Following Your Heart Is Crucial To Finding Success

A lot of you are probably at that point in your lives where you’re either graduating from high school or college. You’re probably thinking about what you want to do for the rest of your life. You’re also probably stressing over things that maybe you never thought of while you were busy being blissfully carefree… More »

I’m back!!!! Happy New Year, Buzznet!

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

It’s been a while since I logged in here but I’ve went through a lot of things in the last couple of months, I was really busy and I…

All Time Low Share High School Memories

[kaltura id=0_ot33x0jd autoplay=0 type=playlist]

All Time Lows Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat gave us some of their wonderful memories from high school…

Makin’ Memories: 2013 Emerson College Graduation: I Did It!

I officially graduated from Emerson College and I just wanted to share some of my memories from the amazing weekend (since it is Makin’ Memories month and all!). The…

Spring Make-up Tutorial With Julie Beauchesne

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Julie Beauchesne, founder of Je Beau Cosmeticscame by the Buzznet studio to give us some tips and tricks as we head into the prom, graduation and…

In May We’re Makin’ Memories!

Happy May Day one and all! April All Star Month was a rousing success. We saw some amazing posts shouting out…

Nolan’s graduation

This photo of me was taken by my boyfriend just after his graduation back in July! I’m still so proud of him! I remember I bought that dress the day before in river island for just £5! They had a super crazy sale on, it’s a steal if you ask me!.

Celebs Who Graduated From High School

They say that high school is some of the best days of your life and having a high school diploma is quite important to many people: even Justin Bieber has his, thanks to his mother’s urging! Shocked? You should be! Many celebs haven’t finished their high school education, especially many teen celebrities who are too… More »

Conan O’Brien Delivers Funny and Inspiring Dartmouth Commencement Speech

Conan O’Brien brought the laughs Sunday while giving the commencement address to the Dartmouth Class of 2011. Coco managed a perfect blend of funny…

Conan O’Brien’s Hilarious and Inspiring Commencement Speech

Comedian Conan O’Brien delivered the commencement address at Dartmouth College this year. In the 23 minute speech he cracks on the students, the faculty, the job market and, yep, Jay Leno. But he also speaks some amazing words of wisdom on chasing dreams, on how failure helps shape you and on how disappointment is a… More »

James Franco Graduates From NYU, Getting His 25th Degree

Does this guy ever go on vacation? Higher education addict James Franco graduated from New York University yesterday, getting what seems to be his 25th degree. 

Joining the class of 2011,…

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