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What Goth Originally Looked Like

The very first Goths! I found an awesome gallery of Goths in the 80’s and thought I’d share with you guys. It’s fascinating how this subculture has survived and I love how other subcultures have borrowed elements of it and taken it many fascinating places. One love, k Check out Trend Alert – Hair Chains!!!… More »

Goth Cameos

What do you think of these goth cameos? Would you rock them? Let me know what you think! Check out Suffer For Fashion: Corset Training!!! & WANT… Skeletons in My Closet!!! Zero Gravity is now out on iTunes!!!

Goth’s At Disneyland!!!

Vice Magazine wrote this really epic article on Goth Day at Disneyland. It’s officially called “Bats Day in the Fun Park.” So many people showed up and it looked like they had an amazing time! Check out the original post here for more info! When are we going to have BubbleGoth Day at Disneyland? love,… More »

(Bubble)Goth Your Prom!

The prom season is here and if I was to go, I’d create something BubbleGothtastic and spectacular for it!!:) I know a bunch of you are going so I made you a gallery full of inspirations <3 There are some great DIY head dress, make up, shoe and clothing ideas. Take a look and let… More »

Guro Lolita

Guro Lolita – the goriest of all the Lolitas You’ve just encountered a cute Lolita but for some reason she’s covered in blood and/or wearing an eyepatch? Don’t panic, she’s most likely not really hurt but you’ve just come in contact with the rarest of all the Lolitas – the Guro Lolita. Guro stands for… More »

How To Dress In All Black And Still Make It Through The Summer

It’s not easy being gothy. As someone who wears 90% black clothing, I dread the arrival of warm summer days. It’s not that I don’t like the sun or swimming or bbqs or happiness, it’s just that I don’t like the outfits that accompany it. I like to layer and wear coats and leather and… More »

Get To Know: Eklipse

I think at least, everyone of you, knows how much important is music for me and how I respect it and how much dedication I put in it: writing…

Jaded Minx, where have you been all my life?

So thanks to RAW Artists, I have discovered the best kept secret in online shoe shopping history. Well, only if you’re not afraid to rock some crrrraaazy shoes. Here are my favorites I found. They’re all reasonably priced too! Between $40-70. Not bad compared to most similar sites I’ve seen.

Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been kinda obsessed with this super colorful eye make up. Did it on half of the Zero Gravity promo shots of which some you have seen and some not (can’t wait to share!) so I thought it’s a good time for a simple tutorial. All you need is some colorful eye shadows and some… More »

MoonChild Q&A: MariMoon

Name: MariMoon Age: 29 Country: Brazil Favorite music: Lily Allen – Everything’s Just Wonderful Favorite color: torquoise Biggest inspiration: Tim Burton Bubble or Goth?: today I’m Goth, not sure about tomorrow though Favorite flavor: chocolate cake with red berries jam on top Best advice I ever got: it’s never too late Most ridiculous fashion statement:… More »

Weekly Win!!! 1-18-12

WEEKLY WIN: Creepy toys There’s nothing more BubbleGothtastic than creepy toys. We got I-Loo <3 and the ones familiar with my music videos know my long standing love for Ball Jointed Dolls. But I have a soft spot for all kinds of strange toys so I’ve created a little gallery for you. Be careful though,… More »

The Fabulous Stains: Vintage Grunge, Goth, Punk & Hippie Clothing!

I’d like to proudly introduce to you my new vintage clothing collection, The Fabulous Stains! I’ve been hyping up this venture for quite some time now, so I’m really excited to see it come to fruition – and just in time for Cyber Monday! The collection was actually started by my best friends and I… More »

OVATE: 80s/90s Grunge, Goth and Punk Fashion!

I just discovered this awesome, handmade womens wear brand designed by Audrey Cantwell (owner of one of my favorite online vintage shops, Tarantula Sisters) called OVATE. The collection pulls major inspiration from ’80s and ’90s grunge, goth, and punk…so it’s pretty much right up my alley. My personal favorites from the collection are the net… More »

Now Trending: The Goth-iest Looks from Paris Fashion Week

While all white was one of the biggest trends on the runways in Paris this year, not many people outside of 5’11 praying mantis figured models can really pull off the head-to-toe snowy white look. All black however is a different story, a romantic, dark story, the story of my life (but I digress). Here… More »

Obesity and Speed Fall ’11 Lookbook Featuring Sky Ferreira

I’ve been a huge fan of the New York City based label Obesity and Speed for quite some time now.  Lyz Olko and Josh Conner started the dark and…

Cyber Goths



Seen these people before? Sporting leg “poofs”, wild hair, and intriguing clothes? Look at the below photod of Cyber goths. Like the style? Give it a try!


feather flapper lashes

lashes by Nefertara for the Church of Vanity

Michelle Phan Makeup Tutorial — How to Create the Signature Tim Burton Gothic Look

Love this look…try it for day, night or even Halloween! We want to see your smokey Gothic look. Post your photos or makeup tutorial videos!

Good Goth

There is Good Goth and Bad Goth. Me and my friend Clint always debate over this. Good goth is done in…

Darker My Love – Goth Inspired Fashion

Fashion is having an enduring goth moment, and for those of us who consider gray too colorful, this is a good thing. Take a look at our picks for the best of the best of shadowy style. Also for the goth at heart, be sure to check out the Triton Festival, presented by