Everything Has Beauty, but Not Everyone Can See It

A while back when I was browsing through We Heart It,  I found a picture of a tattooed phrase that said “Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see…

Watch Brian Logan Dales #LetsTalkMusic Google Hang!

This was so much fun! See my #LetsTalkMuisc with Brian Logan Dales of The Summer Set below! 

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Our chat with

Watch Brian Logan Dales #LetsTalkMusic Google Hang!

Our chat with Brian Logan Dales of The Summer Set has to come an end. You can watch the chat here if you missed it or just want to see Brian…

NYFW: Google Smartphone Eyeglasses…Chic Or Too Geek?

Now that New York Fashion has come to halt, *tear*, let’s recap some of the silliest (and expensive) fashion items you can buy very soon! Earlier this…

Gym Class Heroes sew up LP title


Gym Class Heroes have titled their upcoming album “The Quilt” and Travis McCoy gives you a little taste of what’s to come with a…

Wednesday Buzz 7/18

Google makes everything so easy. Even finding terrorist classes! (IBBB)

Bunny is a NICKname, not a REAL name. Geez. (Evil Beet)

Posh doesn’t want to be besties with P. Hilly. (IntoGossip)
<img style="width: 147px; height:…

What, you thought search engines didn’t have feelings?

Picked up from Idolator, who says it’s for “For when you want to cut through all the nonsense…

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