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July 2011 Playlist:

I’m halfway through making my August playlist–but I realized I never posted July’s!

Now onto August!

MAY Playlist: The Summer Set, Cady Groves, The Cinema

I officially have so much good music in my itunes its hard to choose. June might need a playlist PER WEEK.

(stay tuned for some behind the scenes…

Breesays’ April 2011 Playlist

Oh dang, it’s MAY and I never posted my APRIL playlist. It was a pretty upbeat playlist–summery, even. Yeah I realize I had S&M on my MARCH list but this was the BRITNEY version so…

Exclusive: Go Radio To Release A Music Video for ‘Any Other Heart’

Go Radio are currently rocking around the U.S. as part of the On Your Side tour, and when they came through L.A., Buzznet got to talk to them about their new album and the…

My March 2011 Playlist

What songs were on your March playlist?

Time to make one for April, and both All Time Low and The Downtown Fiction…

Go Radio at Soma San Diego 4/3/11

Go Radio opens up the ‘On Your Side’ Tour at Soma San Diego on April 3rd, 2011. Check out the gallery!

On Your Side Tour Dates Announced: A Rocket To The Moon, Valencia, Anarbor and More

Spring is bringing a bunch of much-loved Buzznet bands to your ‘hood. The On Your Side Tour will be rolling through the U.S. with A Rocket To The Moon, Anarbor, Valencia, <a…

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