Band To Buzz About Summer ’13: The Blackbird Revue

Back in February I featured The Blackbird Revue‘s “When You Are Mine.” Since then, whenever I start to lose my faith in a…

DIY Skin Brightening Face Mask

With summer just around the corner I am willing to do anything to jump start the glowing skin. After doing some research I found this amazing DIY

Dita Von Teese 3D Printed Dress Reveal

Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti debuted the world’s first fully articulated 3D-printed gown on the legendary Dita Von Teese at Ace Hotel New York this week. My friend Rio worked on the the dress for weeks and it was so amazing to see the final product. Dita looked glowing as always. CAN YOU BELEIVE THIS… More »


Over the weekend I attended the Glow arts festival on the Santa Monica Pier.  It was pretty awesome!!  Glow is pretty much an all-night cultural experience featuring original exhibits by artists that re-imagine Santa Monica…

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