Head Automatica To Hit The Road Again?

According the internet (which is always accurate), Head Automatica are set to return to playing live shows with a tour in the United Kingdom. Alter The…

Music Notes 4/13

Friday is here, Coachella is here and I am stoked to sleep in tomorrow! Okay, but really we have some pretty sweet music notes for you to check out. 

Glassjaw announce…

Artists Named After Other Artists

“Where did you get your name from?” is the interview question all bands dread, but some answers are a little more interesting than others. Some bands are so inspired by their favourite artists that they…

Music Stuff 3/6

Awwwwesome UK Brand New interview! (DiS)Bright Eyes, !!! full album streams. (punknews)Worst Singers Ever. (RS)GlassJAw is rumored to be playing Bamboozle. (absolutepunk)Fan killed waiting in line for RHCP tickets. (gigwise)

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