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Badass Female Inventors, CEOs & Entrepreneurs Are Everywhere

Earlier this year, a rather ignorant Polish MEP asked a group of female reporters to name a single invention created by a woman. Clearly Mr. Janusz Korwin-Mikke is uninformed, and let’s face it… dancing around the term SEXIST. The following video really sticks it to this man, running through some of the incredible women inventors through history… More »

11 Ways to Empower Your Gal Pals

Being a badass lady requires confidence, poise, backbone, and a bunch of help from your friends. Sadly, supporting fellow ladies doesn’t always feel like second nature. In school, it’s easy to fall into bullying traps. That, or you start to compare yourself to other girls and the outcome is insecurity and the strange desire to… More »

#FBF Celebs Supporting Feminism & Equal Rights

It’s officially Inauguration Day, so let’s get a tad political, shall we? On this wild and crazy and soon to be incredibly historic day, let’s reflect on a few issues that mean a lot to us and to plenty of our favorite celebrities. That’s right, we’re talking feminism and equal rights. With the Women’s March in… More »

6 Killer Girl Power Moments In 2016

Being a modern women isn’t always easy. It’s safe to argue that sexism still exists in 2016 with serious wage gaps and the attacks our girl Hillary had to endure during the presidential election. Before the state of this universe gets you feeling #dark, let’s try to focus on a few positive things shall we?… More »

Style Icon: The Spice Girls

Five people who influence my style the most are Baby Spice, Scary Spice, Ginger Spice, Posh Spice, and Sporty Spice, better known as The Spice Girls. The 90’s is by far my favorite decade style wise and The Spice Girls were a huge infliuence on 90’s fashion. Each Spice Girl is known for their signature… More »

Bad-Ass Ladies To Celebrate on International Women’s Day

As you may have seen on the Google homepage today, it’s International Women’s Day! As I think we all know, it’s the ladies who make-a-da-world go round so let’s take a look at some of the boss females who have gotten us to this point. Who run the world? GIRLS. I couldn’t include EVERYONE, did… More »

10 Most GRRRL Powered Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

Since winning the first season of American Idol ever, Kelly Clarkson has been the reigning champ on the music charts, with her five albums and countless chart-topping hits. What Kelly is known best for are her empowering song lyrics, from hits like “Miss Independent” to “Since U Been Gone” to current chart-topper “What Doesn’t Kill… More »

Why Hayley Williams is the New Gwen Stefani

First things first in a subject dealing with Rock Queen Gwen Stefani: 
there can never be another Gwen. Though on that note if there were ever…

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