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Question of the Day: What’s the worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

When life gives you lemons, be glad that they aren’t books.

Christmas is right around the corner. I…

BTK App – Video #6

Bill: Tom and me had a busy day getting all our christmas presents.

New Birthday Gifts At Home

Well, I was waiting for a couple of weeks for Celine’s package with my bday gift inside and also the one of my mommy (she had her bday on September) and I was really worried…

My Christmas List

ok…ok, that awkward moment when you know you do not NEED anything, but of course, there are always things you love and would love to have in your little life circle. Swooon + I (and family) are not doing xmas gifts this year because we are trying to save for a house + our wedding…. More »

First Gift Of My Upcoming Birthday!

I came back home from Uni and my mom said me: Look what it’s arrived! There were an evelope on my bed and I recognized that it was from my sweet friend Magdalena (superwildchild90) from Poland. She sent me MaRina album (some of you know her because she had an account here: marinaluczenko) and I’m… More »

Saturday Shopping

I just come back home from a Saturday shopping with my parents, I had to buy a couple of stuff, also for my bday, the weather here is still really good even though December is…

Vlog #3 – Kat, you are totally crazy! Thanks so much!

Today I recieved the envelope of my sweet friend Kat, and I still speechless about what I found inside: her Britney’s tour books from Oops! I did it again and The Onyx Hotel Tour! She sent them to me because she knows how much I love Britney, she’s totally crazy! Thank you so much Kat… More »

Hanna Beth’s bday gift project

Hanna Beth fans, please attention! My friend HannaBethfan wants you for an amazing Hanna’s bday gift!

Reblogged from HannaBethfan

Hey little cupcakes. My friend (HannaBethfanBr) and i have an…

Vlog #2 – Thank you so much Kat!

I never imagined to find a special friend also on Buzznet, but it’s happened, and I’m really really glad about it! Thank you so much Kat, for everything, love you so much xoxo

My new puppet!

My mom’s gift! I love it!!! It’s so fluffy!

Follow topazaz94 ;)

My American bestfriend Celine made me a surprise and created a profile here on Buzznet, I’m so happy about this! You guys reminded her about her awesome gifts to me, I talked to you guys a lot of times, and her writing on the send about Bill & me… She’s an amazing girl, with such… More »


Annie sent me these beautiful gifts for my Birthday. I love the card with the Squirrels of course, and the thing in the front is a bookmark that has the planets that look 3D. It was hard to get a photo of that because I kept getting a reflection from the light. On the left… More »


A few weeks ago I received this adorable ceramic squirrel dish from Lory Candle1988 and her daughter Kaypink. It can be used for many things to hold candy, cookies or in my case I have wanted something for my dining room table to keep my tissues and eye-glasses in. I have it on my antique… More »

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