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Get The Look: Floral Picnic

Here I am with the second blog dedicated to my serie “Get The Look” for to be inspired by celebs to re-invent our wardrobe 😉

This time I thought about nature…

Get The Look: Casual Chic

I thought to create a serie of blogs dedicated to some of my favorite celebs looks: from red carpets through out & about shots.

I felt inspired after have checked few magazines…

Get The Look Gals: Feat. Alex Gaskarth

Hey gals,

Due to the success of my last post featuring Kellin Quinn, I felt it was only necessary to keep this going! 

This post is about one of your faves, Alex Gaskarth! Now you can girlify…

Poshmark: Steal Hayley Williams’s Style!

Poshmark is the absolute best way to buy and sell clothes over the internet. Poshmark has a 100% fool proof system (as long as you’re following all the rules) and an…

Get The Look: Demi Lovato’s Casual Biker Chic At The Topshop LA Opening

Demi Lovato is one of those super annoying people who looks great both glammed up and dressed down (I hate her let’s kill her). And as much as I love seeing Demi flaunting her killer curves in a slinky evening gown or flirty party dress, me being me (and not removing the same pair of… More »

Get The Look: Rihanna Has Fun With Bombers And Colored Jeans

Yes, actually I do spend a lot of time wishing I looked like Rihanna, also rifling through her Instagram for the 40th time also wondering “what is Rihanna thinking right now?”, but really who doesn’t? (Most people probably). Anyway, I too wish that buying a few items of clothing could magically transform me into bad… More »

Get The Look: Cory Kennedy’s Breezy, Chic Holiday Look

For some of us (aka ME) getting dressed for holiday parties isn’t just not that fun, it’s downright daunting. (I wanted to say “crippling” there but then decided not only did it sound a touch dramatic, I prefer the alliteration always). But then someone like Cory Kennedy comes along and reminds me that you don’t… More »

Get The Look: Ke$ha Goes All Flower Power

Ke$ha needs to stop being so unnervingly awesome all the time because it’s really starting to tick (tok) me off. Her new single “Die Young” has been on repeat in my car for an embarrassing number of days, and while you won’t find her on any Best Dressed Lists nestled between safely-chic stars like Kate… More »

Get The Look: Kylie Jenner’s Rock Chic At The KIIS FM Jingle Ball

Okay let’s be honest: Kendall Jenner kind of gets the lion’s share of the Jenner girl attention (and that’s AFTER 90% of all the attention in that family goes to Kim Kardashian). So once in a while I like to give little Kylie Jenner some shine, because you know what? She seems like a nice… More »

Get The Look: Selena Gomez’s Updated Grunge Style

Ever since Selena Gomez landed a part in Harmony Korine’s soon-to-be-released film Spring Breakers, the former Disney starlet has been showing off a decidedly more edgy approach to fashion. She showed off some of this new style at a news conference announcing her new partnership with Adidas NEO on Nov 20, wearing dark skinny jeans,… More »

Get The Look: Dum Dum Girls’ Girly Goth Style

In my secret heart of hearts, I want to be in a girl group. I want to be a member of a secret musical gang, with a bad-a** sound and even badder style. You know, like The Ronettes or The Runaways or the subject of this very gallery, the Dum Dum Girls. The Dum Dums… More »

Get The Look: Taylor Swift’s Black-On-Black ‘Good Morning America’ Glam

Did you see Taylor Swift shaking her groove thing on Good Morning America on Oct 23? Didn’t she look adorable? Doesn’t she always look adorable? Is it kinda annoying a little? Will I ever stop asking rhetorical questions? I’ll try? The 22-year old was on the morning show to support her newest album Red, and… More »

Get The Look: Endeavour Space Shuttle

If you live in California or KNOW anyone that does then your Instagram and Facebook feeds were rapidly filling up with photos of today’s Endeavour Shuttle tour. People across the city flocked to their nearest rooftop to see an object that once flew across SPACE with our own eyes! We wrote about it on Buzznet,… More »

Get The Look: Yolandi Vi$$er

Yolandi Vi$$er is like that girl in your high school who never gave one single damn about what anyone else thought, and just did and said and wore whatever she wanted, which made you a little scared of her but also made you want to be her friend, because even though she was intimidating she… More »

Get The Look: 60 Seconds to Celeb Style

Celebs usually look better than us. (I say usually because there’s always someone like Britney Spears or Snooki to make us feel better about ourselves). The reason celebrities look amazing is because they have a jillion dollars and stylists and facialists and hair people and make-up people and manicure people and all sorts of other… More »

Get The Look: Moonrise Kingdom

So I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom and it was all the super cutes, aesthetically pleasing, Wes Anderson goodness that I expected. The story was charming and heart-wrenching, the acting was incredible, but what really got me was the styling. The film is set in the 60s, and everything from the clean-scrubbed scouts uniforms (those raccoon… More »

Get The Look: Grimes

Grimes is kinda the coolest. Besides the fact that her music sounds like a unicorn dance party in a glitter cloud, her style is pretttyyyyy amazing. The quirky Canadian beauty mixes grunge and rave and magic for a style that is 100% unique and 200% awesome. Click through the gallery for some of her best… More »

Get The Look: Demi Lovato

Do you ever look at a celeb and think “Man, that outit is rad,” and then immediately think “WHATEVER I could have rad outfits like that if I had a trillion dollars too” and then fly into a blind rage and then cry? No? Me neither! But in any event, here’s a handy guide to… More »

Get The Look: Lana Del Rey

The internet may love to hate Lana Del Rey, but SNL flop and controversy aside, we love to love the twenty-five year old chateuse’s throwback style. Mixing elements of old Hollywood and pin-up glamour with modern fashion, the pouty beauty is getting all sorts of attention for her covetable style. Here are a few ways… More »

Get The Look: End of Summer BBQ

Summer is, despairingly, drawing to a close, but there are still a few good times to be squeezed out of this season. Make those end of summer BBQs really count with super cute outfits that are both stylish and segue fluidly into Fall. Let Kohl’s Candies help you get the look you want to close… More »

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