New Spider-Man Images: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Looking Sexay

Entertainment Weekly has released a BUNCH of great photos from the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

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Happy Birthday Garfield: 25 Faces of Our Favorite Orange Cat

Created by Jim Davis, Garfield was first published as a comic strip on this day in 1978. (If he were a real person, he’d be 33 years old!) In an ode to everyone’s favorite fat, lazy and melancholy cat, we have compiled some of Garfield’s most expressionistic expressions. We will eat lasagna in your honor… More »

Sometimes I’m jealous of Garfield.


I know there are probably people who have known about this FOREVER but it is my duty to spread the gospel of Lasagna Cat until every last human on this earth has had…

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