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EXCLUSIVE: flor Share Insight Into Debut, ‘come out, you’re hiding’

LA-based, Oregon-bred four piece, flor, specialize in vibrant, self-reflective sensibilities set to the sounds of some of the best indie-pop you’ll hear all year. They’ve just released their highly-anticipated debut album, come out, you’re hiding, via Fueled By Ramen and are set to take over the music world this year, even making an appearance at… More »

5 All Time Low Music Videos We Love

We survived another week and somehow it’s suddenly MARCH. Insanity, amirite? To kickstart our weekend, why not rehash some good times with our favorite band All Time Low? On this #FBF, we reflect on five of our favorite music videos from records past. It’ll be a nice break from playing Dirty Laundry on repeat. Check… More »

Exclusive: Against The Current Share Details On ‘In Our Bones’ US Tour

Pop/rock trio Against The Current – comprised of Chrissy Costanza, Dan Gow and Will Ferri – are gearing up for their In Our Bones US Tour, kicking off this month! After a whirlwind year with the release of their debut album of the same name, Warped Tour and a stint overseas, the band are on… More »

Treat Yo’ Self: WIN A Fueled By Ramen Prize Pack!

There’s nothing like the gift of sweet tunes and our friends at Fueled By Ramen 100% agree. In honor of Buzznet‘s first ever Treat Yo’ Self Valentine’s Day Gift-a-thon we’ve got…

Which Fueled By Ramen Band Are Back In The Studio After Their Hiatus?

It’s official – one FBR band have finally re-entered the studio after several years on hiatus, but what band could it be? Here’s some clues to help you decipher their identity.

The Swellers Leave Fueled By Ramen; Premiere New Music

Earlier today, The Swellers revealed that they have left Fueled By Ramen – their label since 2009. Although the band have parted the major label, it’s not…

William Beckett To Perform At the Snakes & Suits Holiday Show

Have you been pining since the break-up of The Academy Is…?  Lounging on fainting couches and wondering how you’ll continue on without TAI… in your life?

Well, get off that couch.  Because while TAI… hasn’t reunited,…

Cobra Starship Need You … To Wear Sunglasses (In The Dark)

Breaking a world record has always been one of the things I want to do before I die, and clearly it’s on Cobra Starship’s collective band bucket list too. Earlier on Facebook, they unveiled…

fun. Post New Album Update Video

Fueled By Ramen indie pop band fun. are ready to release their new record soon; and to hold fans over they have posted this new studio update video. This behind the scenes video…

The Evolution of Gabe Saporta

Whether you’re a Cobra Starship fan or a die-hard praying for a Midtown reunion, odds are you find it hard NOT to pay attention to Gabe Saporta. And at Buzznet, we agree. So here’s The Evolution of Gabe Saporta. Why? Because we’re BUZZNET and we can do that. Gabe Saporta: Singer. Dancer. Frontman. Fashionista. And,… More »

Boo: September 8th Date of Fueled By Ramen 15 CANCELED

The Fueled By Ramen 15th anniversary concert is just a few weeks away, which is good.

However, now the not-so-good: the originally three-night even has been changed to a two-night affair, as the September 8th concert…

The Academy Is… to Tour With Jack’s Mannequin this Fall!

If you’re on the west coast, you’re very lucky: you could have a chance this fall to check out a show featuring Jack’s Mannequin and The Academy Is… in concert!  Together!

<img src="http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/users16/newageamazon/default/msg-125840465807.jpg" width="468"…

Why The Third FBR Anniversary Headliner Will NOT be Fall Out Boy.

As Cobra Starship were announced to join Paramore for the Fueled By Ramen birthday celebrations, many rejoiced but an equal amount sighed at the fact that it wasn’t FOB but let’s face…

Could Gabe Saporta’s ‘Spiritual Detox’ Be Just What Cobra Starship Needed?

Long-time fans of Cobra Starship will remember that, originally, the story behind the founding of the band had a…um…spiritual angle to it.  If you could call it that.  In the beginning, the story of Gabe…

The Swellers at Soma San Diego 5/11/11

Up and coming punk rockers The Swellers open up the Take Action Tour at Soma San Diego on May 11th, 2011.

Panic! at the Disco Releases a Lyric Video for ‘The Ballad of Mona Lisa’

Well, while there were unofficial leaks and a preview of Panic! at the Disco‘s first single from Vices and Virtues, now we have something that’s band-approved, just like…

Bring Home Panic at the Disco for the Holidays

Panic at the Disco might be on the road through November on the Rock Band Live Tour with Dashboard Confessional, the Plain White T’s and

Sisky Biz Talks to Buzznet: New Album, Internet Drama and Spear Fishing

You might think that being a 20-year-old bassist for a band like The Academy Is… would go to someone’s head.  After all, the second the band stepped on stage last Tuesday in

The Cab’s Alex DeLeon: Inspiration, Patrick Stump and Refridgerators

With an infectious fusion of rock, funk and pop, The Cab are set to be a breakout act.  After getting their demo to fellow Las Vegas native Spencer Smith, drummer for…

The Cab: “One of THOSE Nights” Acoustic

After the Tucson show on 4/1. I honestly like the studio version better, but it’s a great song no matter what!

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