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From The Indie Vault: Mike Cavanaugh

Mike Cavanaugh – For fans of: Coldplay, Ray LaMontagne, Glen Hansard

Honest. Bare. Those are the two words that sum up Boston’s

From The Indie Vault: Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf – For fans of: VersaEmerge, The Material, Evanescence

There’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to alternative rock…

From The Indie Vault: Nick D’ & The Believers

Nick D’ & The Believers – For fans of: Grouplove, MGMT, Foster The People


Columbus, OH “garage…

From The Indie Vault: Mishima Strange


Mishima Strange – For fans of: The Beatles, The Kinks, The Black Keys, The White Stripes

My main goal with

From The Indie Vault: MiXE1


MiXE1 – For fans of: Linkin Park, Orgy, Deftones, Celldweller

MiXE1 (pronounced Mikes 1) is an electronic/experimental rock project…

From The Indie Vault: Aurganic

Aurganic – For fans of: Evaline, Muse, Massive Attack, Radiohead


Aurganic is an experimental/electronic/alternative project featuring Michael…

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