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10 Reasons Why FNL’s Matt Saracen Is Still The Ultimate Boyfriend

Ok, so maybe Friday Night Lights has been off the air for a year (or five,) but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the Dillon Panthers. In fact, we still yell “Texas Forever” and have long, well thought out debates regarding whether Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen was the babe of babes. Whether you’re Riggs all… More »

5 Things We Forgot Happened In 2006

A decade doesn’t seem that long ago, right? But, if you measure the years in iPhone versions, 2006 was version zero because they didn’t even exist yet! iPhones weren’t released until 2007, ya’ll. Talk about a brain explosion. Let’s reflect on a five things we probably forgot happened back in 2006: 1 – Britney Spears… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Taylor Kitsch On John Carter And Why You Should Throat Chop Him!

He’s best known as Tim Riggins on the now-defunct NBC show Friday Night Lights but after today Taylor Kitsch will be better known as John Carter. The 30-year-old actor,…

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