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Youtube Evolution Of: My Chemical Romance

Music Lovers,

Here we meet again on another Friday. I plan to make this Good Friday a GREAT Friday with another Youtube Evolution that I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE!

Today we will showcase…

fRaNkie h0tt..

gee is singing black parade..


gee and frankie…cutie…h0ttie

lo0k at gee en frankie…s0 sweet!



“im n0t okay..”

hands0me gee

“l0ng ag0…just like the ..”

mikey…the red n0se hands0me..

mikey cutie..

like the blo0d u stain..

My Chemical Romance


frankie is damn h0t!!

yeah im ryt…frankie is damn hotter than gee…i admitt it!!

gee and frankie once m0re!

well,gee and frankie agen..

frankie and gee agen and agen!!

watch this!!!oh g0d!!!its very..very…ow!!

my playlist!!

itz great…a lot of mcr’s song in one playlist!

gee or mikay?

well,this is for all those people who love mikey!

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