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My Chemical Romance Premiers the Full-Length ‘NA NA NA’ Video!

The Killjoys are making more noise and giving us more to the story.

My Chemical Romance has debuted the video for their single “Na Na Na” and it is…okay, it’s just really, really amazing.

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Check Out the Official Cover for My Chemical Romance’s ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’

While Buzznet’s Danger Days Contest may have a ton of creative folks putting their own twist on the cover for the upcoming My Chemical Romance album, fans were still waiting to see what the…



yeah, November really can’t come quick enough. 

I literally freaked when I saw it. Honestly, I had a silent party in my room…

My Chemical Romance Gives Us a Trailer…AND AN ALBUM TITLE



The First Rule of My Chemical Romance is: You Don’t Talk About My Chemical Romance

The information in this blog has been removed at the request of

But I’m just gonna leave this quote right here:

” I am quite contrary to intolerance, racism and sexism. Men are still called ‘gay’.…

My Chemical Romance Presents: A Video Featuring a Freaky-Ass Mouse Thing

So, recently My Chemical Romance has been providing fans with a bit of viral advertising, which I am assuming is part of the build up for their next album and may indicate that we’ll be…

Gerard Way Urges Fans to ‘Look Alive, Sunshine’

Earlier this week, we got word of a supposed casting call for materials related to the upcoming My Chemical Romance album.  And while it was certainly interesting information, it didn’t manage to answer any…

My Chemical Romance Casting Call Leaves Us Totally Clueless

It sounds like things are moving fast now that My Chemical Romance has put the finishing touches on their next album.  We just got confirmation from Gerard Way last month that the band had…

My Chemical Romance Has Finally Finished Recording Their 4th Album

In 2008, My Chemical Romance announced they would be taking a brief hiatus in order to catch a breath and live their lives. 

That “brief hiatus” turned into 2 years of living their lives, including marriages,…


Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance posted an update from the studio yesterday and after assuring everyone that new shit is coming… he announced that his wife is expecting. [cut=BABIES…]


My Chemical Romance Cancel Australian Tour

Ruh-roh Aussie MCR fans–Frank Iero posted some sour news on their official site just now. [cut=Oh crap…]

I got some good news and I got some bad news….while in

Gerard Way Announces New Comic Project at Comic Con!

As I’m writing this, it’s Wednesday.  Which means it’s new comic book day.  And having just torn through the new issues of Wonder Woman and Detective Comics, it seems to be an ideal time to

Best In Tweets: Sisky Joins, Iero Spits Sarcasm

I can’t confine the best tweets to just one person a week. I just can’t. So I’m gonna post my favorites from your favorite twitterers.

First, Adam Siska from The Academy Is…has boarded the Twitter-wagon.…

My Chemical Romance Isn’t Into “Twilight”

News broke awhile back that My Chemical Romance, despite supposedly being a huge influence on Stephenie Meyer’s writing, would NOT be appearing on the soundtrack for New Moon.  And now, they’ve

Gerard Way Predicts Rain, Confirms that MCR Is In the Studio

Gerard Way has given us positive confirmation that My Chemical Romance is back in the studio to work on their long-awaited album.  And they were greeted in LA

LeATHERMOUTH Video Premiere

Frank Iero‘s all over the intertubes this week.  Not only did his OTHER band premier their new video, but LeATHERMOUTH has debuted their first official music video!

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My Chemical Romance Release “Desolation Row” Video

The guys from My Chemical Romance are all dedicated musicians and performers who put out amazing albums and provide great shows and opportunities for their fans.

They’re also all really, really ridiculously good

My Chemical Romance’s “Desolation Row” Video Out Friday, Sneak a Peek Now!

Yesterday we got a chance to listen to the new My Chemical Romance song, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row” which the band has recorded for the upcoming <span style="font-style:

Check Out the My Chemical Romance Cover of “Desolation Row”

After months of waiting, rumors and baited breath, it’s finally here: My Chemical Romance has released their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row.”

You know how it

Preview MCR’s Cover of Desolation Row

The moment is nearly upon us!  Pretty soon we’ll be hearing the finished version of My Chemical Romance‘s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row,” to be featured in the upcoming <span style="font-style: