foxy shazam

Foxy Shazam’s New Video ‘I Like It’

Foxy Shazam welcomes everyone to The Church of Rock and Roll in their new music video “I Like It”– which debuted February 8th on VEVO. The video begins with motorcycles, girls, machine…

Music Notes 2/6

Oh Monday, you’re so… Mondayish. Perhaps these slices of music news can perk us all up a bit?

New Foxy Shazam video for “I Like It

New Anarbor track “Whiskey…

The Sounds with Special Guest Foxy Shazam @ Mr. Small’s Theatre 9/14/09

It was a Monday evening.  My day had been pretty much shot at my day job.  You know what I needed?  

I needed to dance.

Luckily, that was the night I got a chance to see

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