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This Is The Moment Of Truth: The X Factor Episode 11 Recap

Last week judges discovered which category they are going to mentoring and the 24 acts had the last performance in judges’ home before live shows.

Tonight only four in each category go…

The Most Important Performance Of Their Lives: The X Factor Episode 10 Recap

Thousand auditioned and now only 24 remain.

Each category has been invited in the judges’ home and the fight is on for a place in the last 16.


The Battle Is On: The X Factor Episode 9 Recap

In the last episodes we were going through thousand auditions till 120 contestants on bootcamp. Tonight 60 becomes 24! Now the judges get competitive and they take their category to the judges’ house and…

New Judges House X Factor Clip

A new clip of Britney talking to Will.I.Am from The X Factor judges house edition hit Will thinks one of the contestants has ~the X factor~ and Brit, agrees, adding she likes to watch him perform. Check it out! Tune into FOX at 8pm for a new episode of The X Factor tonight!

New Judges House Sneak Peek Featuring Laughney

Check out this new footage from The X Factor Judge’s House edition of Brit and Will.I.Am talking about one of the contestants. Will describes one of the contestants which gives Brit a good laugh. Check it out!

This Week’s The X Factor Preview

A new preview for this week’s The X Factor hit the net, and it’s looking pretty juicy! Check it out!

The X Factor Episode 8 Recap: Boot Camp Begins

Tonight bootcamp continues with Talent vs. Talent

Tara Simon vs. Jennel Garcia

Jennel would like to have a song in her style.


No Second Chances, Or You Stand Up Or You Go Home – The X Factor Episode 7

This week it’s bootcamp in Miami.

The first shots are about our contestant who’s greeting their parents.

They have to go in Miami for bootcamp and it will be really hard…

SPOILER ALERT: X Factor Tops 17 Acts Chosen For Live Show

The top 17 acts (not 16) acts for The X Factor’s live shows have leaked, and it’s an interesting lineup!


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Thunder Storm & Second Chances On The X Factor Episode 4

The episode 4 is dedicated to Greensboro auditions and watching the promo I think that’ll make the fur fly!!!

Britney’s hotel…

She’s finishing to put makeup and lipstick in her hotel…

EXCLUSIVE: Glee’s Britney 2.0 Oops I Did It Again Performance Leaked

A few days ago, it has been leaked the Hold It Against Me performance, now the full Oops!… I Did It Again performance from the Glee Britney 2.0 episode hit…

New The X Factor Commercial Pokes Fun At The Voice

The newest commercial for The X Factor takes a little dig at The Voice. The announcer says: “Other singing competitions choose their talent sight unseen, but to win the $5 million it takes the whole package.” Shade!

Unexpected Talented Contestants & Little Stars – The X Factor Episode 2

Let’s see what’s happened in the second episode of THE X FACTOR…

San Francisco, CA

A lot of people are waiting for to enter in the venue…

Judge Britney Spears Is In Control On The X Factor

This is what Washington Post wrote about the first premiere of X Factor of last night:

During the season debut airing Wednesday on Fox, the audience cheers her, Simon Cowell defers…

X FactorUSA: L.A. Reid Says, ‘This Year, It’s More About the Talent Than the Judges’

LA Reid throws some shade at a few other pop stars working the judging circuit right now in a new interview, saying X Factor are not “some has-beens, it’s not some wannabees.”

New X Factor Interview Footage Leaks

New footage from Britney’s X Factor interviews leaked, and she speaks some beautiful French. “Everything is a new experience for me,” she says of her new X Factor role. “I really think that my past, and things I experienced when I was younger… I can totally relate to these kids and what they’re going through… More »

New Hilarious X Factor Preview

Another new preview for The X Factor debuted on OMG! But all the last preview videos are freaking hilarious! Hahaha Ch-ch-check it out!

New The X Factor Precap

A new precap for The X Factor hit the net, and features a sassy Britney telling one contestant she’s a D-I-V-A.


New The X Factor Previews

A couple new sneak peeks for The X Factor are airing on television at the moment.

These even include a few new snippets of Britney talking about working on the show.

Check it out:


New The X Factor Commercial

A new The X Factor commercial aired Monday night, and features a couple new shots of Britney. She tells one contestant she wishes he could wake her up in the morning… singing!