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Britney Spears & Simon Cowell Interviewed By FOX News

Fox News aired another new interview of Britney and Simon from their press junket on Sunday. Britney wants the contestants to feel alive on stage, and have an amazing voice. Check it out:

Official Britney Spears X Factor Auditions In Kansas City, Missouri Post – Day Two

Today is the second set of X Factor auditions in Kansas City, Missouri.

Britney rocked it yesterday!

Rock on, Brit!




NPR Brings a Tote Bag Full of David Sedaris Books to a Knife Fight

Please behold the genius that is Jon Stewart as he weighs in on the Juan Williams debacle: blasting both NPR for being weak and uber-safe and Fox News for being, well, nutso-crazy pants insane. Click…

Fox Anchor Walks Off Set, Journalist Integrity Still Not the Station’s Forte

So apparently this morning, host Brian Kilmeade walked off the set of “Fox and Friends” during a debate about Barrack Obama’s speech this past week.  Kilmeade’s departure was accompanied by the shrew-like taunts of Gretchen…

Beauty over Booty.

Ok that was the lamest headline ever. Anyway, Fox News is reporting that if given the choice, women will choose clothes over sex.1,000 women in 10 U.S. cities were surveyed and said “they would be…

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