I have had this LILY plant for a long time but since we have lot’s of deer they are eaten down every summer before they get to flower. Now I use a spray that keeps the deer from eating whatever I don’t want them to and these lilies are one of those 😀 View in… More »


My gardens are starting to grow, I have crocus, scillas and daffodils. I planted these little daffodils in the fall and now I get to see what they look…


I was planning on doing another On The Road blog tonight but it takes quite a lot of time and I just didn’t have the time right now so I will post it later on this week. I loved the antenna on this car. it just made me Smile 😀 View in full size original


I had this little visitor yesterday he or she was on a Twig pen that Annie sent me !!I have the pen in a cup next to my computer and I went to get something from there and saw this little Cutie !!! I took it into my kitchen and put the twig next to… More »

66 Cute And Chic Rose Nail Art Designs

Spring has sprung and I am so into it. I have been loving all the flowers blooming, sun shining and sweatshirt ditching weather. With that being said I have decided to put a little flower inspiration in this weeks nail gallery. Rose nail art is so so cute and simple. It is the perfect way… More »

38 Flower Headbands Perfect For Spring + Festivals!

I can’t help but release my inner hippie and fall even more in love with these flower headbands everyday. This trend is popping back up for spring and I can’t get enough. I have been browsing online at these headbands all week and when I went shopping yesterday I was seeing them all over! They… More »


MISS STINK BUG was found dead on Monday in her plant and MR STINK BUG was found dead a few weeks ago. In life I don’t know if they ever met but I’d like to think they did. I thought you would like to see them together IN DEATH 😀 View in full size

Style Profile: The Lucky Crown

I was never a huge fan of flower crowns – until I heard of The Lucky Crown. Lola from Orange County, CA has captured the art of the perfect flower…

33 Pastel Nail Ideas For Spring

Spring has finally sprung! It is also that time of the week where I decide what I want to do next to my nails. I am feeling spring more than ever so I wanted to get in the spirit with some fun colors. I love the pastel shades, the pale yellow is one of my… More »

Flower Power Weekly Inspiration Photo Diary

I decided that since my brain is always all over the place and pulling inspiration from everything around me…I would make those thoughts into an inspirational gallery. This week i am feeling exceptionally inspired by peace, love and all things “hippy”. I just loved the way life seemed to be back in the day and… More »

Love In Her Heart, Flowers In Her Hair

Y’know what today is… WACKY HAIR WEDNESDAY! Ah, I love nothing more than themed days of the week. Anyway, this gallery is full of flowers headbands, and flowers in hair because nothing in life is better than cute hair and pretty flowers. Am I right, or am I right? So, check out this gallery of… More »

In Bloom Editorial

I shot this editorial with Diane Gaughan. Flower Power on the real. Glossy makeup and floral prints are perfect way to end the Summer. WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE LOOK?

Cherry Blossom Girl

Japanese Cherry Blossom’s are one of my favorite flowers ever! They only are in bloom for a few weeks every year so I have to savor it and take advantage when I can! Dress: Motel Rocks

August Inspiratons!

just started the month of August! and it is my favorite because it is the month of my birthday (the day on August 2), this month fills me with inspiration dce all my favorite things, like, hair coloring, pastel, pink, purple, pretty things, flowers, expansions, tattoos and much more I love, and here they share!.

Giveaway Alert: Wildflower Cases!

Hey you guys! As some of you may already know, phone cases have become a pretty important staple in your wardrobe. Lately it seems like everyone is in competition with…

Flowers everywhere

One of my favourite trends for this season are clothes with floral pattern. They all look so summery and fresh.You can get floral patterns in many different styles so the clothes suit your mood, personality and the occasion. Here are selected floral clothes.


So here at Bizarreland gardening is my summer hobby. Well it’s quite a job taking care of all my gardens I have at least 7 different gardens some big some small…


The Honey Bees have been all over my Sweet Autumn Clematis, the other day when I was out there after 2 days of rain they were like a swarm not paying attention to me at alll but collecting that pollen to make some delicious honey 😀 My fake bees are on my previous post 😀


So I brought in some more Black Eyed Susans and found some more Loopers or Spanworms on them. This is a very hard species to track down to find out exactly what type of moth it will become since there are thousands to look though. I actually have 3 on this flower but one was… More »


I was outside gardening when I saw this butterfly on my Purple Cone flowers. I didn’t think I would get to post this since there were storms coming !!! But we have only had rain so far : )

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