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Wear Declared

Ok, this amazing website titled Wear Declared is seriously in the top five of the most accurate and personal favourite of mind. I found out about them when they would like my posts on Instagram, and couldn’t resist taking a look. Their line of clothing is based on Woodstock and culture in the 1960’s, which… More »

♡ Jessi Jae Joplin’s Weekly Photo Inspirations ♡

Check out my weekend dose of inspiration photos! It’s filled with flower crowns, Lisa Frank stickers, mixtapes, teenage bedrooms, punks, riot grrrls, Courtney Love, Alice Dellal, Labyrinth and MORE!

Designer Obsession: Ana Ljubinkovic

Hi little bees! (Notice I said little bees. Get it? ‘Cause bees buzz. And we’re on Buzznet. Get it? I’ll stop.) Recently a friend opened my eyes to Serbian designer Ana Ljubinkovic, and I’m pretty much head over heels, butterflies and all. The line is a girly girl’s dream, what with the pastels, the pearls,… More »

Weekly Inspirations Part 1

This weeks inspirations are the start of my S/S 2013 collections. A lot of people don’t realize you need to start designing your collections over a year in advance to be on the showroom schedules! Crazy stuff! They include boys wearing flower crowns, evil eye headresses, unicrons, crystal quartz and cotton candy hair! CHECK OUT… More »

On Set Of The Kerli Tokyolux Editorial

Behind the scenes snap of hair/makeup on the Kerli Tokyolux shoot last week in Hollywood! The images are beautiful, can’t wait for you guys to see them… we pigged out on french fries and ice cream during the shoot!

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